This Week’s Top 10 Most-Watched Movies and TV Shows in Streaming

Meg Furey

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This week, we’re breaking down the Top 10 Movies and Shows watched by Reelgood users in the US from May 5 through May 11, 2022. Over the past couple of months, Moon Knight and The Batman have been dominating the top of the list, but Outer Range is continuing to pop up as its season releases.

Check out what everyone’s watching below. We’ve also added a few recs along the way. Happy streaming!

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows

  1. Moon Knight
    Streaming now on Disney+
    Still dominating the list, Moon Knight wrapped up last week. Will we see him again? We certainly hope so.
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  2. The Batman
    Streaming now on HBO Max
    They’re calling this one the Emo Batman and we’re totally here for it. If goth superheroes are your thing, check out The Crow.
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  3. Outer Range
    Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video
    We’re still gripped by the mystery unfolding in this neo-Western family drama. Check out The Outsider if a supernatural thriller wrapped in a mystery is your vibe.
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  4. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
    Streaming now on Paramount+
    Fact: Star Trek: The Original Series debuted in 1966 making it one of the longest-running franchises in TV history. Talk about “live long and prosper.”
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  5. The Gentlemen
    Streaming now on Netflix
    If you’re digging The Gentlemen, take a deep dive into Guy Ritchie’s earlier movies like Snatch and Sherlock Holmes.
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  6. The Staircase
    Streaming now on HBO Max
    Fast becoming one of the strangest true-crime stories in the history of the genre, HBO Max’s miniseries only enriches the original documentary on which it was based.
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  7. The Lost City
    Streaming now on Paramount+
    Just good old-fashioned action-adventure fun. Sandra Bullock shines as bright as her sequined jumpsuit here and honestly, we can’t pass up a chance to watch Channing Tatum exercise his comedy chops.
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  8. Under the Banner of Heaven
    Streaming now on Hulu
    This take on Jon Krakauer’s true-crime best seller is everything you want it to be. Check out Into the Wild for another solid Krakauer adaptation.
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  9. Bosch: Legacy
    Streaming now on Freevee
    Bosch is back, baby. Our favorite LAPD detective is starting a new chapter alongside an old enemy.
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  10. Top Gun
    Streaming now on Netflix and Paramount+
    It feels like we’ve been waiting years for Top Gun: Maverick (we have) and it’s almost here. Luckily, we have the original to take our breath away while we wait.
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*These lists are updated every Friday, so bookmark this page if you always want to know what everyone’s watching!

  1. I’ve ever been so glad to have your I’ve just been in hospital and came home and got. A covid positive result and I’m so ill it’s. Awful so when I can lift my head from a pillow..I have. A choice of things to watch..

    • We hope you’ll make a quick recovery and feel better soon, Wilma! And we’re happy to have helped in some small way. 🙂

    • Hi Hikary! If you click on any of the titles, you should be shown to the Reelgood page for each movie or TV show which tells you where it’s currently available to stream in the U.S. or the UK.

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