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This Week’s Top 10 Most-Watched Movies and TV Shows in Streaming

This week, we’re breaking down the Top 10 Movies and Shows watched by Reelgood users in the US from May 12 through May 18, 2022. New summer releases have toppled the favorites like Moon Knight and we’re here for it. Let’s dive into what’s new and what you shouldn’t miss.

Check out what everyone’s watching below. We’ve also added a few recs along the way. Happy streaming!

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows

  1. The Lost City
    Streaming now on Paramount+
    Fact: Sandra Bullock’s almost passed on The Lost City, her first romantic comedy since 2009. Shelved for nearly a decade, Paramount was able to convince her to return to his almost lost project and we’re sure glad they did.
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  2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
    Streaming now on Paramount+
    Loving this series? Then you gotta watch Star Trek: Picard. Picking up twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, we follow the now-retired Admiral Picard into the next chapter of his life.
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  3. The Lincoln Lawyer
    Streaming now on Netflix
    Consider this series a reboot of the early McConaissance favorite.
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  4. Firestarter
    Streaming now on Peacock Premium
    Speaking of reboots, Peacock dusted off this 1980’s Stephen King original and gave it the Zac Efron treatment.
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  5. Candy
    Streaming now on Hulu
    This true-crime series about a murderous Texas housewife is intense. If housewives committing heinous crimes is your thing, you’ll also enjoy The Thing About Pam.
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  6. Operation Mincemeat
    Streaming now on Netflix
    Proving that WW2 is still fertile ground for storytelling, Operation Mincemeat tells the story of two British intelligence officers who concoct a plan to drop a corpse with false papers off the coast of Spain to fool Nazi spies into believing the Allied forces were planning to attack by way of Greece rather than Sicily.
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  7. The Staircase
    Streaming now on HBO Max
    HBO Max’s miniseries only enriches the original documentary on which it was based, but the original documentarians aren’t too happy with it.
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  8. Top Gun
    Streaming now on Netflix and Paramount+
    Seems that we can blame Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick’s delay. According to him, the film was never going to be released on streaming. Say it ain’t so, Tom!
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  9. Outer Range
    Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video
    Have you figured out the mystery behind Outer Range? Neither have we. But if mystery is your vibe, don’t miss Night Sky, premiering also premiering on Amazon this weekend.
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  10. Senior Year
    Streaming now on Netflix
    If you could relive high school as a nearly middle-aged adult, would you? If you liked Never Been Kissed, you’ll dig this too.
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*These lists are updated every Friday, so bookmark this page if you always want to know what everyone’s watching!

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  1. I’ve ever been so glad to have your I’ve just been in hospital and came home and got. A covid positive result and I’m so ill it’s. Awful so when I can lift my head from a pillow..I have. A choice of things to watch..

    • Hi Hikary! If you click on any of the titles, you should be shown to the Reelgood page for each movie or TV show which tells you where it’s currently available to stream in the U.S. or the UK.

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