The Top 10 Free Movies Streaming On Tubi TV Right Now

Sabienna Bowman

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There’s a common misconception that you need a million subscriptions to enjoy free movies streaming on the internet (legally, that is). However, there are plenty of sites that offer movies streaming for free with no catch. Sure, you might have to watch a few ads, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. One of the most underrated sites of this nature is Tubi TV. Tubi TV is similar to Crackle. Each month, new titles come and go to the site, and yes, some of them are films you’ve never heard of. But just as many are legitimately popular hits that you won’t find on Netflix. In fact, Tubi TV has a section devoted entirely to titles that aren’t on Netflix.

Another benefit of Tubi TV is that it’s available via an app, and you can watch it through Playstation or Roku, as well. Add in an easy to use navigation system that even allows for a certain amount of personalization, and you have a site that deserves way more attention than it gets. The big question you may have is, what should you watch on Tubi TV first? There are way more than 10 titles worth streaming on the site, but as of July 2018, these are the 10 best free movies on Tubi TV. Whether you’re looking for a horror favorite or a classic comedy, there’s a movie on this list to satisfy nearly everyone.

1. Mud

Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon star in Mud, a coming of age film about two boys who discover a man hiding out on an island. Of course, McConaughey’s Mud isn’t exactly as he seems, which leads both boys down a path of deception and hard truths. Released in 2012, the film premiered at a time when McConaughey was reinventing himself as an actor, making it well worth a watch if you’re a fan of his more recent work.

2. Sling Blade

Sling Blade is an iconic ’90s film. Billy Bob Thornton’s performance as a mentally disabled man is often times wrenching, especially when he embarks on a journey to protect his young friend from being abused.

3. Mr. Holmes

There are more than enough Sherlock Holmes adaptations in the world, but Mr. Holmes makes an excellent case for the famed detective to appear on the big screen again. Sir Ian McKellen plays Holmes as elderly man who can’t stop thinking about the case that he couldn’t solve. Seeing an older, more vulnerable version of the detective makes for a ruminative, intriguing film.

4. But I’m a Cheerleader

A biting satire, But I’m a Cheerleader follows a teen girl whose parents send her to a conversion camp because they believe she’s gay. Their horrific plan backfires as she falls for one of her fellow campers and learns how to rebel with the best of them. The superb cast includes Clea DuVall, Natasha Lyonne, RuPaul, and Melanie Lynskey.

5. Four Weddings and a Funeral

The rom-com genre was booming in  the ’90s, and Four Weddings and a Funeral is among the very best. Hugh Grant’s Charles is the love-struck British guy who believes he might just be meant to be with Andie MacDowell’s Carrie as their paths keep crossing as their friends’ lives hit major milestones.

6. Election

Witherspoon is a revelation in Election. As the ruthless Tracy Flick, the actress proves herself to be a comedic powerhouse, and someone who can pull of playing a character whose morals are questionable at best. This tale of a high school’s student election is pitch black, and a total must-see.

7. V/H/S

This anthology horror film boasts segments from Ti West and Joe Swanberg. Four people are hired to steal a VHS tape from a spooky house, but their odd job quickly turns out to be much more sinister than they expected.

8. You’re Next

Slasher films attain a whole new level of creepiness is You’re Next. During an anniversary getaway, a family is attacked by a group of masked invaders who like to toy with their prey.

9. Wild Card

Wild Card is an unabashed popcorn movie. The Jason Statham film is a high octane action flick that will make you laugh just as often as it makes you root for Statham to kick some butt. It’s not an intellectual movie by any means, but it is a fun one.

10. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Horror comedy doesn’t get much better than this. In Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, two well-meaning rednecks are mistaken as crazed killers by a bunch of over-imaginative college students. And no, their weekend does not improve from there.

These are just 10 of the many great movies available to stream on Tubi TV right now, head over to the site to find more.

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