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What To Stream This Week: Movies & TV Shows Streaming, Including The Expanse Season 6 & Sandra Bullock’s The Unforgivable

It’s that time of the week! Each Tuesday the team at Reelgood picks out a few of our most anticipated movie and TV shows coming to streaming. Hopefully, this list will help you figure out what to stream this week, from The Expanse Season 6 to Sandra Bullock’s The Unforgivable.

Swan Song

Mahershala Ali stars in Benjamin Cleary’s upcoming science fiction drama, Swan Song. Ali plays Cameron Turner, a terminally ill father who decides to take an experimental approach to protect his family from grief. However, the consequences of altering his families fate may not be worth the cost. Watch Swan Song on Hulu December 9th, 2021.

The Unforgivable

Nora Fingscheidt’s The Unforgivable follows a Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock), a woman who is recently released from prison. As Ruth struggles to acclimate with society, she must also face those from her past. While many refuse to forgive Ruth for her violent past, she sets out in search of her sister. Watch The Unforgivable on Netflix December 10th, 2021.

The Expanse Season 6

Prime Video’s epic space opera, The Expanse, will conclude with its sixth and final season later this week. Follow the charismatic crew of the Rocinante as they navigate the dangerous geopolitical (and extraterrestrial) landscape. While Season 6 may be the last season for The Expanse as we know it, the cast and crew are optimistic that this isn’t the end for some of our favorite characters. Jet set with the The Expanse Season 6 on December 10th, 2021.


Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed stars in Encounter, an upcoming science fiction flick. Ahmed plays Malik Khan, a decorated Marine Corps vet who goes on the lam to protect his two younger brothers from an impending alien invasion. Watch Encounter on Prime Video December 10th, 2021.

And Just Like That…

And Just Like That… the highly anticipated next chapter of Sex and the City, is right around the corner. Catch up with Carrie, Miranda and Charolette as they explore New York City, relationships and more in their 50s. Watch the return of Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That… on HBOMax Thursday, December 9th, 2021.

There you have it, folks! While these are a few of our most anticipated titles coming to streaming, it’s certainly not every new movie or show coming out this week. If you want to peruse everything that’s new, coming and leaving your services be sure to check out Reelgood. As always, watchlist your favorite titles so you can be notified when they hit your services.

Happy streaming!

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