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Meet the Incredible Cast of First Kill

First Kill (2017): A Wall Street broker is forced to evade a police chief investigating a bank robbery as he attempts to recover the stolen money in exchange for his son’s life.

When the action-packed thriller First Kill debuted in 2017, it quickly became a favorite due to its riveting storyline and adept cast. The movie follows a prosperous Wall Street broker (portrayed by Bruce Willis) who takes his son on a hunting trip to reconnect with him. But when his son perceives a homicide, they must collaborate to guard themselves from the lawbreakers pursuing them.

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The movie’s triumph was mainly because of its remarkable ensemble cast, which gave the characters life and profundity. Here’s an inside look at the star-studded cast of First Kill and what made them so fitting for their parts.

Bruce Willis as Will Chandler

Noted thespian Bruce Willis plays Will Chandler in First Kill, a Wall Street trader determined to reestablish his relationship with his son via a hunting expedition. Undeniably, Willis is renowned for his action roles in Die Hard and Armageddon; however, he has also demonstrated his aptitude for playing paternal characters in films such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. His amalgamation of allure and vigor renders him suitable for this role.

Hayden Christensen as Danny Chandler

Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen plays Will’s estranged son, Danny Chandler, who joins him on the hunting trip and gets caught up in a dangerous situation. Christensen is known for playing conflicted characters with complex emotions, which makes him perfectly suited for this role. He does an excellent job of conveying Danny’s inner turmoil throughout the film.

Megan Leonard as Sarah Summers

Megan Leonard stars as Sarah Summers, an FBI agent who is investigating the murder that Danny witnessed during their hunting trip. Leonard is known for her tough yet vulnerable performances in films like The Equalizer 2 and The Next Three Days, which makes her perfect for this role. She brings strength and intelligence to her character without sacrificing any of the emotion or vulnerability that we expect from a strong female lead.

Gethin Anthony as John Redstone

Game of Thrones actor Gethin Anthony plays John Redstone, one of the criminals chasing after Will and Danny during their hunt. Anthony brings an intense physicality to his role that makes him perfect for this part; he also manages to simultaneously make Redstone both menacing and sympathetic.

Ty Shelton as Tommy Rayburn

Tommy Rayburn is played by Ty Shelton, best known for his roles in The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Freak Show. Shelton does an excellent job bringing complexity to this character; while Tommy may be one of Redstone’s henchmen, he also has moments where he shows compassion or even loyalty towards Will and Danny during their hunt. His performance adds another layer of depth to the story that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Tyler Jon Olson as Gabe Walker

Rounding out the cast is Tyler Jon Olson as Gabe Walker, a hunter who helps Will and Danny during their escape from Redstone’s men. Olson is known for his roles in Power Rangers (2017) and San Andreas (2015), so he was more than up for the challenge of playing Gabe Walker – a man with plenty of combat experience and some emotional scars from his past experiences in Afghanistan. His performance adds another layer of humanity to the movie that makes it even more gripping than it already is.

Overall, First Kill features an amazing ensemble cast that brings life and depth to each character they play – something that was essential for making this film so successful! Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen, Megan Leonard, Gethin Anthony, Ty Shelton, and Tyler Jon Olson all do an incredible job of bringing their characters to life and making First Kill the thrilling action-packed movie that it is.

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