Experience You, Me & My Ex Season 2 on TLC: Streaming Guide

You, Me & My Ex (2021 – 2023): Explores prickly dynamics between couples whose exes are still in the picture.

You, Me & My Ex Season 2 is a reality TV series that premiered on TLC. The show follows couples who have rekindled their relationships with their former partners, making for an unconventional love story. This season offers viewers an inside look at the complex dynamics of these relationships as they navigate through the challenges of their past, present, and future. With drama, emotions, and unexpected twists, You, Me & My Ex Season 2 is a must-watch for anyone who loves reality TV and unconventional love stories.

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You, Me & My Ex Season 2 Release Date

After its successful first season in 2021, You, Me & My Ex is finally returning for its highly anticipated second season. With a fresh batch of new and returning couples, the show promises to deliver more drama, twists and turns than ever before. Catch the premiere of You, Me & My Ex Season 2 on Monday, April 17 at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on TLC.

Other options to watch You, Me & My Ex Season 2

To watch “You, Me & My Ex Season 2” on TLC, you can subscribe to the platform and enjoy watching premium shows and movies. It’s also available on Discovery Plus with an active subscription. If you’re outside the US, using a VPN can help you access the show on the US server.

You, Me & My Ex Season 2 Plot

You, Me & My Ex Season 2 follows the lives of several couples who are navigating the complexities of their relationships with their exes. Each episode provides an intimate look into the couples’ lives as they try to balance their current partners with their pasts. Some of the exes are still very much a part of their former partners’ lives, creating tension and drama, while others are trying to move on and find new love. As the season unfolds, couples must confront their pasts and decide whether to let their exes go or hold onto them for dear life.

Cast of You, Me & My Ex Season 2

  1. Alex Hines: He is an entrepreneur who is still friends with his ex-wife Caroline despite having a new girlfriend, as they co-parent their son together.
  2. Caroline Martin Hines: She is a successful businesswoman and co-parent to Alex’s son. She is also still close with Alex and has to navigate their friendship with his new girlfriend.
  3. Stephen Jones: He is a new cast member in Season 2, and is in a polyamorous relationship with his ex-wife and their mutual girlfriend.
  4. Josh Rappahahn: He and his new wife, Aika, have a tumultuous relationship due to his ongoing communication with his ex-wife, Danielle.
  5. Danielle Rappahahn: She is Josh’s ex-wife, who is still in contact with him and is trying to make amends with Aika.
  6. Jennifer Vasquez: She is in a relationship with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, Chantel, forming a unique throuple with him.
  7. Chantel Vasquez: She is the new girlfriend of Jennifer’s ex-husband, forming a throuple with him and Jennifer.
  8. De’Andre Asbury-Heath: He is a new cast member in Season 2, and is in a polyamorous relationship with his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend.

Filming location of You, Me & My Ex Season 2

The filming locations of ‘You, Me & My Ex’ include Atlanta, Long Island, Chicago, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay Area in Georgia, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida.

Viewer’s Reaction to You, Me & My Ex Season 2

A short review for You, Me & My Ex Season 2

The second season of “You, Me & My Ex” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama that viewers won’t want to miss. The show follows couples who are still connected to their exes, whether it be through co-parenting, business partnerships, or just a complicated history. The new season brings a fresh cast of characters with their own unique stories, including Alex and Caroline who share custody of their son and navigate their newfound friendship, and Josh and Danielle who run a successful clothing line together despite their messy past.

The show does an excellent job of delving into the complexities of relationships, both romantic and platonic, and how exes can still play a significant role in our lives. Viewers will find themselves invested in the lives of the cast members, rooting for their successes and feeling their heartbreaks. The production value of the show is top-notch, with great editing and music that enhances the viewing experience.

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Trailer for You, Me & My Ex Season 2


How many episodes are there in “You, Me & My Ex” Season 2?

“You, Me & My Ex” Season 2 consists of 10 episodes.

Is “You, Me & My Ex” Season 2 scripted?

No, “You, Me & My Ex” is not scripted. It is a reality TV show that follows real people and their relationships.

Is it worth watching? 

You, Me & My Ex Season 2 is a captivating reality TV show that takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride with each episode. It provides an inside look at the complicated relationships between couples and their exes, creating a unique and intriguing dynamic that draws viewers in. The show offers a mix of drama, humor, and heartwarming moments that keeps viewers engaged and invested in the lives of the cast members. Moreover, the show explores a wide range of relationship dynamics, showcasing how exes can remain in each other’s lives and form new bonds with their current partners. Overall, You, Me & My Ex Season 2 is worth watching for anyone who enjoys reality TV shows that provide a glimpse into the complexities of human relationships.

Streaming “You, Me & My Ex Season 2” on TLC can be made easy by following these simple steps using a VPN.

  1. Firstly, download and install VPN software on your device and log in with your credentials. We highly suggest installing ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a US server from the list of available servers. 
  3. Once connected, access your TLC account by opening the TLC app or visiting the TLC website on your device. 
  4. Ensure that your TLC subscription is active and use the search bar to find “You, Me & My Ex Season 2”. 
  5. Click on the play button to start streaming “You, Me & My Ex Season 2” anywhere you are through your VPN connection.

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