Wrong Side of the Tracks: Dustin Ferguson’s Short Film (2017)

The “Wrong Side of the Tracks” is a 2017 very short thriller and horror TV-MA film. American underground filmmaker Dustin Ferguson, who originates from Lincoln, Nebraska, directed, wrote, and edited the short film. It is a pretty brief movie because it only lasted 45 minutes. Being an underground filmmaker entails independent production on a shoestring budget, frequently utilizing avant-garde concepts and experimental methods. And as a result, this also implies that the movie isn’t typical in terms of style, genre, or funding. The film has certain drawbacks due to it being an underground production because it doesn’t have enough funding, so expect poor cinematography, production, or effort.

Since 2007, the director has also directed more than 100 horror movies and several music videos. And as a result, the movie is likewise unconventional in terms of aesthetic, genre, or financing. The movie is a TV-MA film. TV-MA stands for TV Mature Audience, indicating that this film is intended only for adults and could not be appropriate for minors under the age of 17. The TV Parental Guidelines’ TV-MA rating for programming in the United States denotes material intended for mature audiences. It is equivalent to the R and NC-17 movie ratings from the MPAA. TV MA can occasionally be “worse” than R, although it is roughly the same as an R-rated film.


Wrong Side of the Tracks
Wrong Side of the Tracks

The short film’s story revolves around two young women (Breana Mitchell and Lia Havlena), who are searching for a fun weekend but end up getting more than they bargained for on the “Wrong Side of the Tracks.” The movie opens with two young women leaving to go out and have fun, but they run into a man (played by Vincent Smith) near where they were going and ask him for some weed or drugs. The man then approaches and replies to the two women, telling them that they are fortunate to have found him since they need to get the drugs they are looking for into his house, which he claims is close by but actually is not.

When they finally arrive at the house, it is already pretty dark. The two women agree with the guy after having traveled a sufficient distance. Once inside, they discovered three people (played by Robert Lankford, Clint Beaver, and Michelle Muir-Lewis), and it was clear that they had been using drugs due to their out-of-control behavior and high state. As soon as the door was shut, everyone started touching the two women, who were now defenseless, and, subsequently, both of them were placed in the same cage.

After some time, one of the high people entered the cage where the two women were being held. The two women tried to persuade her to let them out, but she refused, and the other men came and went to grab the woman (played by Breana Mitchell), who was later tied up and placed in a chair before being fatally stabbed. The other woman was making plans to escape at this time, and when she finally succeeded, she left the house. She sprinted away as quickly as she could till she was out of sight. She then started sobbing and regretting things until she returned home.

The Message of the Film

The movie’s clear message is that we should abstain from using any illegal drugs because doing so could lead to addiction. Your body can suffer a tremendous amount from drugs, especially if you become addicted. Drug addiction can have a number of detrimental effects, including neurological damage, baldness, foul breath, discolored teeth, and liver illness. However, illegal drugs can have an impact on more than just your physical health. They can also have an impact on your mental health because they impair your ability to think clearly and change your perspective in a way that makes it difficult for you to distinguish between right and wrong and may even cause you to live in your own imaginary world.

Overall, the movie is nice, but it’s not that fantastic if you’re expecting a big-budget movie because it’s an underground movie, so you can anticipate shoddy production, cinematography, etc. Although the movie had some less-than-perfect features, its message about how to live our lives stood out. The message emphasizes the importance of not destroying our youth through illegal drugs or any other type of addiction, because doing so would only cause harm that we will come to regret in the future.

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