Where To Watch The Best Movies Under 90 Minutes, Including Shrek, Zombieland & More

Braden Roberts

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Movies are great, but sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in a flick on a tight schedule. Heck, there’s a number of movies out there that push the five hour mark (looking at you, extended Lord of The Rings). Good luck watching one of those after a long day of work. Fret not, though. There’s still plenty of amazing films that can be enjoyed in 90 minutes or less, including classics like Shrek, Zombieland & More.

Check ’em out:

The cast of Zombieland


Director Ruben Fleischer struck gold with the 2009 horror-comedy Zombieland. Featuring an absolutely stacked cast including Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone, Zombieland offers a fun spin on the zombie genre. The best part? It’s short, sweet and to the point. See who earned the Zombie Kill of The Week on Netflix, where Zombieland is streaming right now.

Totoro in My Neighbor Totroro

My Neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli has become one of the most respected animation studios out there. That’s in large part due to director Hayao Miyazaki‘s leadership, attention to detail and beautiful story telling. One of Miyazaki’s finest films with Studio Ghibli is My Neighbor Totoro, an animated fantasy that follows two sisters as they move to the country side. It’s a perfectly encapsulated story that clocks in at 86 minutes, making it a great intro into the world of Ghibli. Watch My Neighbor Totoro on HBOMax, where it’s streaming right now.

Palm Springs cast

Palm Springs

Andy Samberg put on an impressive performance in Hulu’s Palm Springs – a time-traveling flick reminiscent of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. Samberg plays Nyles, a carefree wedding attendee that ends up stuck in a time loop with maid of honor Sarah (played by Cristin Milioti). Despite the time-traveling plot, Palm Springs clocks in at a perfect 90 minutes, making it an easy watch. Watch Palm Springs on Hulu right now.

Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead II

The Evil Dead II

Some say Sam Raimi’s 1987 horror masterpiece, The Evil Dead II, is one of the finest entries in the genre. It’s also one of the shorter movies on this list, coming in at a breezy 84 minutes. Don’t let the short runtime fool you though, The Evil Dead II is a brutal, wild ride from start to finish. It’s the movie equivalent to all gas, no breaks. Watch Bruce Campbell take on the denizens of darkness on Cinemax, where The Evil Dead II is streaming right now.

Office Space Cast

Office Space

Mike Judge’s 1999 cult-hit Office Space follows three office workers as they attempt to embezzle from their evil corporate overlords. It’s a movie grounded in reality and features some of the most relatable office scenes in movie history. Heck, who hasn’t wanted to beat down a printer at some point in their lives? As long as you don’t have a case of the Mondays, you can check out Office Space on STARZ, where it’s streaming right now.

Shrek and Donkey


Ogre’s are like onions, they have layers. Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy launched a massive franchise with 2001’s Shrek. The Dreamworks flick was a wild success in the eyes of audiences and critics alike. Shrek was even inducted into the National Film Registry last year. If you’ve got a spare 90 minutes in your schedule, it couldn’t hurt to revisit this comedy classic on Hulu, where it’s streaming right now.

These are just a few of my favorite 90 minute or less movies. There’s still plenty of great flicks to pick from, so if you are interested in checking out the rest be sure to pop over to Reelgood’s hand-curated list of Great Movies Under 90 minutes. As for more recent fare, we’ve got you covered with a weekly (and weekend) update of the most popular titles in streaming.

Happy streaming!

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