Watch These Movies for Free on Vudu

KC Frankenburger

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Vudu brings us Mud.
“Mud” from Lionsgate on Vudu.

Why pay for cable when you can watch movies like this for free? That’s what I said when I logged into Vudu and saw their line-up. With a host of movies ranging from comedy, action, romance and drama, they’ve got something that is sure to make everyone happy.

Here is a list of our favorite movies you can watch for FREE on Vudu.  


This 2011 critically lauded film starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan is about a stunt driver who also happens to be a getaway driver. When he falls for his neighbor and is later hired by her husband to pull a job, things get a little hairy.


With the McConaissance in full-swing, Matthew McConaughey plays a man on the run, who enlists two young teens to help him. Mud is undoubtedly one of my favorite McConaughey roles.


In an iconic role for Cher, the newly engaged Loretta finds herself falling for her fiance’s younger brother, much to her dismay.

Safety Not Guaranteed

This adorable comedy from Colin Trevorrow stars Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, and Aubrey Plaza.

Leaving Las Vegas

One of Nicholas Cage’s most lauded roles, Leaving Las Vegas can certainly be hard to take. With Elizabeth Shue turning in one of the best performances of her career, this one is a must watch.


Chappie is a bit like Short Circuit meets RoboCop. Starring Hugh Jackman and the always-endearing Dev Patel, Chappie is both a sweet story and a good excuse for the director to blow things up.  

The Big Bounce

This super cute, very summery crime caper stars Morgan Freeman and Owen Wilson.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

With all four of the main cast members going on to bigger and better things, this movie is like a time capsule of sorts. Lighthearted and fun, it’s the perfect summer watch. And you’re in luck, because you can always catch the sequel on Vudu too!

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