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The Best TV Shows Free on Sony Crackle

Edi Gathegi in StartUp by Critical Content
Edi Gathegi in “StartUp” on Crackle by Critical Content.

When it comes to free streaming services, sometimes it feels like once you log in there aren’t a lot of options that feel new and fresh. Sure it’s great when you’re looking for some old favorites, but there are times when you just want something new. Well, I’m here to tell you that Sony’s free streaming service Crackle has got a great little secret: over the past several years, the service has quietly been releasing some super quality (and super fun!) original series that you probably haven’t heard about. Have a look below to better acquaint yourself with their offerings.

The Oath

This Crackle original crime drama starring Sean Bean, Ryan Kwanten, and executive produced by the one and only Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, chronicles the inner-workings of a group of dirty cops and the people trying to bring them down. One of Crackle’s newest shows, The Oath was renewed for a second season back in April.


Starring none other than Bryan Cranston & Seth Green, this stop-motion action comedy series follows the adventures of The League of Freedom, and Titanium Rex (Cranston), an aging member of the team, who struggles when dealing with the team’s younger members and his place on the team. The show’s third season finished airing in June.


This drama pairs a group of hackers and a group of money launderers together and is positively addicting. The show had very successful first and second seasons, and was renewed last year for a third. StartUp stars Martin Freeman, Edi Gathegi & Adam Brody.

The Art of More

Veteran Graham O’Connor gets involved with a smuggling ring in order to help him achieve his American dream after getting out of the military. The show ran for two seasons and Kate Bosworth, Dennis Quaid, and Christian Cooke star.


In this thriller, a young lawyer receives a mysterious box with a lethal weapon and a photograph. When he receives instructions that he is to use the weapon to kill the stranger in the picture, he realizes that he has been chosen for a very dangerous game. This 2013 series ran for three seasons and has inspired a Chinese remake, which is currently airing on Netflix.


Lasting for two seasons, this series follows a duo of contract killers who find the tables have taken a fatal turn. Cleaners stars Gina Gershon, Emily Osment, David Arquette, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.  


Summer Glau and Jesse Bradford starred in this legal conspiracy thriller that ran for just one season.


Loosely based on the 2001 Guy Ritchie picture of the same name, Snatch stars Rupert Grint, Dougray Scott, and Luke Pasqualino. The story follows a group of young hustlers, who find themselves in deeper than they ever thought possible when they discover a valuable trove of gold bullions. The second season of Snatch is set to premiere in September of this year.

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