The 11 Best Fall Shows You’re Not Watching

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Every year, the networks and their cable/streaming counterparts offer up a ton of new shows in the hopes that one or two of them will actually connect with viewers. So far, the fall slate hasn’t produced a This Is Us-sized hit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of series that are worth your attention. In fact, there are at least 11 new shows you should be tracking.

Even though none of these newbies are monster hits, they’re all well on their way to becoming can’t miss shows. From a comedy take on The X-Files to a British series about a twisted game of cat and mouse, these are the fall shows you’re not watching, but definitely should be.

  1. Ghosted — Fox/Hulu/Yahoo View

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson are an absolute dream team in this comedy that has some serious X-Files vibes. Two normal guys find themselves drawn into an organization that investigates the supernatural, and in the process they’re both offered a chance for redemption. This is one show that feels like it’s just beginning to tap into its potential, so now is the time to hop aboard.

2. Ten Days in the Valley — ABC/Hulu/Yahoo View

Kyra Sedgwick plays a troubled mom whose daughter goes missing with an intensity and passion that elevates this mystery drama in a major way.

3. Riviera — Sundance Now

The enormous cost of wealth catches up with the wife of a billionaire after his death exposes the alarming number of secrets he spent his life keeping. Julia Stiles and Iwan Rheon are sublime in a taught thriller you’ll want to devour once you start.

4. The Mayor — ABC/Hulu/Yahoo View

If The Mayor’s premise scared you off — an inexperienced young man wins a powerful political victory — then come back, because this is a comedy full of heart, hope, and, best of all, laughs.

5. DuckTales — DisneyXD

Yes, this is the rare reboot that appears to be as good as the original, so allow yourself to indulge in a Saturday morning cartoon and cereal break. You deserve it.

6. Me, Myself, & I — CBS

One man’s story is told through three different periods of his life, and, so far, it works. All three of the show’s stars are giving a winning performance, but perhaps none more so than the young actor Jack Dylan Grazer, who you may have seen in a little movie called IT.

7. Tin Star — Amazon Prime

A British ex-pat takes on the job of chief of police in a Canadian town where the corruption runs deeps. Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks are wonderful in this intense new drama that isn’t getting nearly enough love.

8. The Gifted — Fox/Hulu/Yahoo View

FX’s Legion set the bar impossibly high for shows set in the X-Men universe, but The Gifted is doing a good job of keeping pace for a network show. It’s rich, well-crafted, and a genuinely cool superhero series that you’ll enjoy tuning into each week.

9. Lore — Amazon Prime

The popular podcast comes to chilling life in an anthology series that will keep you up at night.

10. Young Sheldon — CBS

To be fair, only one episode of Young Sheldon has aired so far, but it was an exquisite one. Forget The Big Bang Theory, this show has the heart of Wonder Years and the humor of Chuck Lorre’s forgotten classic Grace Under Fire. It’s so much better than a spin-off needs to be, and there’s an excellent chance that Young Sheldon will ultimately emerge as the best new sitcom of the season.

11. Liar — Sundance

Stick with this show through episode three and there will be no looking back. Joanna Froggatt is electrifying as a woman who is fighting to be believed. While it doesn’t work as a psychological drama, as a character piece, Liar is painful and raw — as it should be.

Don’t let these shows get lost in the fall shuffle. They may not be monster hits, but they’re all serving up quality TV that shouldn’t be missed.


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