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Shows To Stream While You Wait For Stranger Things Season 2

Courtesy of Netflix

On Oct. 27, Netflix will allow fans to return to Hawkins, Indiana, when Season 2 of Stranger Things premieres. It’s been over a year since Season 1 ended, but that doesn’t make the final week of waiting any easier. The world needs to know what happened to Eleven, what’s up with Will and the slugs, and if the second season will be as full of nostalgia-fueled awesomeness as the first. While you wait for Eleven, Mike, Will, and the rest of the gang to return, you might as well indulge in some short, but sweet TV series.

The shows on this list are perfect for streaming while you wait for Stranger Things Season 2 to arrive on Netflix. Nothing quite compares to Stranger Things, but these fun and creepy series come close.

The Fades — Amazon Prime/Hulu/Shudder

Two sci-fi loving geeks find themselves facing down an apocalypse in this gone too soon British series. In addition to featuring the perfect balance of coming of age storytelling and undead scares, The Fades also stars Lucifer’s Tom Ellis and Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer.

Freaks and Geeks — Netflix

OK, so there are no monsters in Freaks and Geeks, but there is an endless supply of ’80s nostalgia, including odes to The Grateful Dead and Dungeons and Dragons. Stranger Things fans will feel right at home with these teenage misfits.

Intruders — Hulu

If you thought Eleven was the first mysterious little girl Millie Bobby Brown ever played, then you need to check out this Invasion of the Body Snatchers style series ASAP.

The Kettering Incident — Amazon Prime

A missing girl is at the center of this atmospheric mystery that takes you deep into the heart of Tasmania, where anything — no matter how bizarre — feels possible.

Outcast — Cinemax/HBO

A true horror series, Outcast will leave you feeling unsettled and creeped out by its small town setting. And demons, because, yes, there are demons.

Glitch — Amazon Prime/Netflix

The dead rise in this Australian series, but they’re not exactly zombies. Thanks to the close-knit community and the pervasive feeling that something’s not quite right, this show has serious Stranger Things vibes.

Wayward Pines — Hulu

The Duffer Brothers got their start on this Fox series about a special agent who finds himself trapped in a weird town where there’s something lurking in the forest.

Gravity Falls — Hulu/DisneyXD

Don’t dismiss this animated series too hastily, because Gravity Falls will surprise you with how intricate it is. Not only is it funny, it’s also a beautifully crafted supernatural mystery with an emphasis on growing up and learning the importance of family.

These eight shows will keep you entertained until Stranger Things arrives and maybe even long after your Season 2 binge is over.


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