How to watch Southern Charm Season 9 in the UK on Peacock TV

How to watch Southern Charm Season 9 in the UK on Peacock TV

Charleston, South Carolina, is ready to steal the limelight once more with the riveting return of Southern Charm. As the curtains rise on Season 9, the chilly embrace of autumn can’t dim the blazing dynamics of its cast. These familiar and fresh faces come with tales steeped in Southern allure, ensuring the emotional thermostat remains set to sizzling.

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Step-by-Step: How to watch Southern Charm Season 9 in the UK on Peacock TV using a VPN

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Southern Charm Season 9 Synopsis

Southern Charm Season 9 dives deep into Charleston’s elite circle, with the rumored fling between Taylor and Austen taking center stage. It’s not just a casual tryst; the stakes are high as they’re closely linked to Shep – Taylor as his ex and Austen as his confidant. While this potential love triangle commands attention, there’s more brewing beneath the surface. Craig and Paige navigate the choppy waters of clashing future goals, while Madison grapples with looming pregnancy dilemmas. Old wounds resurface as Austen and Madison clash, adding fuel to their fiery past. Olivia’s trust is tested, and in a jaw-dropping reveal, Patricia brings to light the mystery behind a risqué photo sent to Whitney.

Southern Charm Season 9 Cast

Season 9 of Southern Charm introduces a blend of familiar and new personalities. As we bid farewell to Naomie Olindo, Kathryn Dennis, and Chleb Ravenell, we also anticipate cameo moments from Whitney Sudler-Smith and Patricia Altschul, who aren’t series regulars this time around.

Craig Conover, often dubbed the ‘pillow king’, witnesses a surge in his venture, Sewing Down South, and is on the cusp of a nationwide expansion. Concurrently, he’s juggling his new home’s construction and convincing his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo of Summer House fame, to relocate from the Big Apple to Charleston.

Austen Kroll embarks on a journey of self-improvement, addressing his relationship hurdles with therapy and parental guidance.

Post-split with Taylor, Shep Rose grapples with his future in Charleston, influenced by his recent travels.

Madison LeCroy is basking in her marital bliss with Brett Randle, a gentleman who shuttles between South Carolina and California.

Fashion influencer Venita Aspen is not just about style; she’s also romantically involved with musician Manny and is keen on cementing new friendships.

Olivia Flowers is diving into the dating pool and seeks stronger female bonds, now with her parents away.

Shifting gears professionally, Taylor Ann Green transitions from orthodontics to a sales career.

Leva Bonaparte, reigning over four trendy King Street bars, takes on the avatar of the group’s confidante this season.

Eyes on love, Jarrett “JT” Thomas, a top-tier real estate pro, is scouting for his perfect match from the ensemble.

Rodrigo Reyes, an interior designing ace and a familiar face to some, cherishes a stable relationship with his partner, Tyler.

Lastly, Rod Razavi, Charleston’s tech-savvy gentleman, displays a budding interest in Olivia, adding another layer to the season’s tapestry.

When does Southern Charm Season 9 premiere?

Season 9 of Southern Charm is set to dazzle audiences on Thursday, September 14th, at 9 pm ET.

How many episodes does Southern Charm Season 9 have?

Southern Charm Season 9 Episode Guide:

  • Season 9 Episode 1 – Thursday, Sep 14, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 2 – Thursday, Sep 21, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 3 – Thursday, Sep 28, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 4 – Thursday, Oct 5, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 5 – Thursday, Oct 12, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 6 – Thursday, Oct 19, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 7 – Thursday, Oct 26, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 8 – Thursday, Nov 2, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 9 – Thursday, Nov 9, 2023
  • Season 9 Episode 10 – Thursday, Nov 16, 2023

Southern Charm Season 9 Trailer

Start Watching Southern Charm Season 9 Now

The glitz, glamour, and intrigue of Charleston’s elite are back with Southern Charm Season 9. Every episode promises to be a thrilling display of drama, emotions, and the luxurious Southern lifestyle. Don’t miss a single episode, with the premiere kicking off on Thursday, Sep 14, 2023. This season’s lineup includes a riveting total of 10 episodes, ensuring fans are immersed in the whirlwind tales and twists of Charleston’s high society every week.

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