How to Watch Mayans MC Season 5 on FX from Spain Without Any Geographic Restrictions

Mayans MC Season 5 is an upcoming crime drama television series that follows the story of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, a fictional motorcycle gang in the United States. Created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, the show premiered its first season in 2018 and has since garnered a strong fan base for its gritty and action-packed plot, intriguing characters, and complex themes. Set in a post-Jax Teller world, the show is a spin-off of the popular series Sons of Anarchy. It has been praised for its compelling storytelling, outstanding performances, and stunning cinematography.

How to Watch Mayans MC Season 5

With four seasons already under its belt, fans eagerly anticipate the release of Mayans MC Season 5. The upcoming season promises to be just as thrilling as its predecessors, with even more intense plot twists, edge-of-your-seat action, and high-stakes drama. The show’s creators have promised that the new season will explore the complexities of loyalty, family, and betrayal while delving deeper into the dark underbelly of the motorcycle club world. If you’re a fan of crime dramas, action-packed thrillers, and intense storytelling, Mayans MC Season 5 is not to be missed.

FX’s streaming service is also limited to certain geographical locations and can only be accessed from specific countries. To watch Mayans MC Season 5 on FX from Spain, you must use a VPN service to bypass any geo-restrictions set by the streaming platform.

Wishing to catch up on Mayans MC Season 5 on FX, but facing location-based barriers?

Location restrictions got you down? No worries! You can still catch Mayans MC Season 5 on FX with a VPN and our simple steps.

If you’re in Spain and can’t wait to watch Mayans MC Season 5 on FX, don’t worry. Just follow these steps to access the show:

  1. Download and install a reputable VPN such as ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the United States.
  3. Subscribe to FX through a supported provider or log in to your existing FX account.
  4. Navigate to the Mayans MC Season 5 page and start streaming the latest episodes without any limitations.
  5. Enjoy watching the show from the comfort of your home in Spain without any location-based restrictions.

When is the release date for Season 5 of Mayans MC?

Mayans MC fans, mark your calendars for May 24th, 2023! The fifth season of the popular show has finally been given a release date, and it’s just around the corner. This season promises to be another exciting one, with ten episodes in total, and a thrilling two-episode premiere to get things started. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the Mayans once again!

Mayans MC Season 5 Plot 

Mayans MC Season 5 is set in the aftermath of a major clash between the Mayans and their rivals, the Vatos Malditos. The death of their leader, Santo Padre, has left the club in disarray, and the members are struggling to find their footing in the wake of the tragedy. Meanwhile, a new drug cartel, led by a ruthless leader named El Presidente, has emerged in the region, threatening to disrupt the fragile peace that the Mayans have fought so hard to maintain.

As the club grapples with its grief and the new threat to its territory, it must also confront internal divisions and power struggles. The current president, Bishop, finds himself at odds with other members of the club who question his leadership and decisions. At the same time, his closest ally, Alvarez, is forced to confront his past mistakes and reevaluate his loyalties.

As tensions rise and the stakes get higher, the Mayans must rely on each other more than ever to protect their community and preserve their way of life. But with enemies both within and outside the club, the road ahead will be fraught with danger and uncertainty.

Is there a trailer for Mayans MC Season 5?

Mayans MC Season 5’s cast

J.D. Pardo portrays Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes in Mayans MC. EZ was formerly a prospect and later became the Vice Presidente and now the Presidente of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. He joined the club after being released from prison. Angel Reyes, his older brother, sponsored him during his time as a prospect. EZ is the son of Felipe and Marisol Reyes, and he started a relationship with Gaby Castillo which ended when she left Santo Padre.

Clayton Cardenas portrays Angel Reyes, a full patch member and later El Secretario of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. He is the older brother of EZ and the son of Felipe and Marisol. He started a relationship with Adelita and is the father of their child, Maverick.

Sarah Bolger portrays Emily Galindo, EZ’s former childhood sweetheart, and now the wife of Miguel Galindo. Emily is the mother of their son, Cristóbal Galindo II, named after Miguel’s deceased brother. Michael Irby portrays Obispo “Bishop” Losa, the former Presidente and current Vice Presidente of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. He is one of the three Kings of the Mayans M.C. and is cousins with its founder Marcus Alvarez. He had a young son with Antonia Pena, Aidan Losa, who died in a car accident that continues to haunt him.

Carla Baratta portrays Luisa “Adelita” Espina, who, as a child, watched her family die at the hands of the Galindo Cartel. She is the former leader of Los Olvidados, a group of Mexican rebels devoted to fighting the Galindo Cartel. She later starts a relationship with Angel and is the mother of their son, Maverick.

Richard Cabral portrays Johnny “El Coco” Cruz, a former Marine sniper and a full patch member of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. He is the father of Leticia Cruz and the son of Celia.

Raoul Max Trujillo portrays Che “Taza” Romero, a former full patch member and Vice Presidente of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. He was also a former member of the Vatos Malditos M.C. but left after its president, El Palo, killed his brother David, with whom Taza was in a secret relationship.

Antonio Jaramillo portrays Michael “Riz” Ariza, a Santo Padre local and Él Secretario of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre Charter. Danny Pino portrays Miguel Galindo, the leader of the Galindo Cartel.

Edward James Olmos portrays Felipe Reyes, a once-strong Mexican patriarch who owns a butcher shop in Santo Padre. He is the father of Angel and EZ through his deceased wife, Marisol, and is later revealed as the biological father of Miguel through his former lover, Dita.

Emilio Rivera portrays Marcus Álvarez, the former national Presidente, or El Padrino, of the Mayans M.C. and formerly of its Oakland Charter. Sulem Calderon portrays Gabriela “Gaby” Castillo.

Frankie Loyal portrays Hank “El Tranq” Loza, and Joseph Raymond Lucero portrays Neron “Creeper” Vargas. Lastly, Vincent Vargas portrays Gilberto “Gilly” Lopez.

Where was Mayans MC Season 5 filmed? 

The setting of Mayans MC takes place in the fictitious town of Santo Padre, with most of the filming conducted in Calexico, located in Imperial County.

How are the fans reacting to Mayans MC Season 5? 

How are the critics reviewing Mayans MC Season 5? 

If you’re a fan of gritty crime dramas with a lot of action and complex characters, Mayans MC is worth checking out. The show has been praised for its strong writing, tense and dramatic plotlines, and top-notch performances from its talented cast. With its rich storytelling, compelling characters, and intense action scenes, Mayans MC is a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Sons of Anarchy universe or you’re just looking for a new show to binge on, Mayans MC is definitely worth giving a shot.

Where else can I watch Mayans MC Season 5?

Mayans MC can be viewed exclusively on FX and streamed on Hulu for active subscribers. The show is currently available on Disney Plus with all four seasons, while on BBC iPlayer, only the first three seasons can be watched for free. It’s important to note that the show is only available up to season three on BBC iPlayer.

From award-winning originals to beloved classics, FX has: 


Is Mayans set in the US or Mexico?

Mayans M.C. is set in the fictional border town of Santo Padre, California, situated hundreds of miles away from the events of Sons of Anarchy, two-and-a-half years after its conclusion. The show revolves around Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the U.S.–Mexico border, as he navigates through various challenges and conflicts.

How was Gemma in Mayans MC?

During one of the episodes’ flashbacks, a scene from eight years before the current time is shown. In this scene, former biker queen Gemma Teller (played by Katey Sagal) appears in the background of a prison visiting room. In contrast, EZ (played by JD Pardo), who had recently been incarcerated, breaks up with Emily (played by Sarah Bolger).

Is Mayans MC Season 5 worth watching?

 Mayans MC has been a thrilling and exciting watch for fans of the motorcycle gang genre. With its strong cast, intense action sequences, and complex character development, the show has proven to be a worthy successor to its predecessor, Sons of Anarchy. While there may be some criticism about the pacing and plotlines of certain episodes, the show’s overall quality makes it a must-watch for fans of the genre. So, if Mayans MC does get renewed for a fifth season, it is likely to continue providing audiences with the same high-quality entertainment that has made it a hit in the past. 

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