How to watch Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 in the UK on Peacock TV

How to watch Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 in the UK on Peacock TV

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 is back, whisking UK viewers on a captivating ride through a land where dragons and humans form an extraordinary connection. This season, more than ever, fuses pulse-racing escapades with touching personal growth. Our young dragon riders aren’t just soaring through the skies; they’re navigating the intricate terrains of friendship and unity in the face of peril.

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Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 Synopsis

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 delves into the adventures of a band of intrepid kids tasked with protecting a concealed dragon sanctuary in Rakke town. Their main adversary? Buzzsaw, a formidable member of the Dragon Club. With the world viewing dragons as mere legends, these events unfold 1,300 years post the epic tales of How to Train Your Dragon.

As Buzzsaw’s menace looms, our young heroes set their sights on the crucial Book of Dragons. But there’s more — Sledkin’s dragonsite operation reveals a mystifying realm and the awe-inspiring Glass Caster dragon. Tensions escalate within the Dragon Club, prompting our champions to stand together. Their bond, not just as riders but comrades, becomes the linchpin to surmounting the challenges that lie ahead.

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 Cast

In Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7, the voice cast shines with an array of gifted actors. Jeremy Shada reprises his role as the pivotal Tom Kullersen, while Julia Stiles continues to voice the dynamic Olivia Kullersen. Adding to the series’ rich tapestry, we have Aimee Garcia, Justina Machado, and Angelique Cabral, returning as the Gonzalez trio: Alexandra, Carla, and Hazel respectively, enhancing the series’ family essence.

The ensemble further expands with Marcus Scribner’s distinctive portrayal of D’Angelo Baker, Keston John as Philip Baker, and Paver Snipe voicing Angela Baker. Newcomer Haley Joel Osment steps into the shoes of antagonist Buzzsaw. Meanwhile, D’Arcy Carden and Carrie Keranen infuse life into Linda and Wilma Sledkin. This harmonious blend of familiar voices and fresh talent guarantees an enthralling auditory journey in the series’ newest chapter.

When does Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 premiere?

The eagerly awaited Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 is set to premiere on Peacock TV on September 14, 2023.

How many episodes does Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 have?

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 Episode Guide:

Episode 1 – Hobs and Saw – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
D’Angelo faces Phil’s threat of shutting down his new dragon hospital and implementing a dragon ban in ICARIS. With a tiny Hobgobbler by his side, D’Angelo sets out to influence Phil’s stance.

Episode 2 – Hearts of Heroes – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
Tom struggles with expressing his feelings for Jun. Their journey takes a twist when they’re trapped inside a massive tree, besieged by an anxious swarm of Woodchipper dragons.

Episode 3 – Heart of Glass – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
Stepping up as a leader, Thunder rallies the Hero Dragons in a dire quest to save Tom and the Riders from the menacing Glass Caster dragon.

Episode 4 – In the Cards – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
Jun foresees a potential split among the Riders through her tarot reading. Determined to keep the team together, she guides them in their hunt for a rogue dragon in Rakke Town.

Episode 5 – Eugene’s Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
With the Dragon Riders scattered, Eugene seeks thrill by assembling an enthusiastic squad from ICARIS for his dragon club.

Episode 6 – 404 Alex Not Found – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
In search of solitude, Alex delves into the Hidden World alone. Her peaceful journey is disrupted when the menacing Buzzsaw captures her.

Episode 7 – Rise of Jörmungandr – Thu, Sep 14, 2023
Tom and the Dragon Riders rally together to track down a formidable dragon in the Dark Realm, aiming to find it before Buzzsaw does.

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 Trailer

Check out the trailer here.

Start Watching Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 Now

Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative where D’Angelo, Tom, Jun, and a host of memorable characters navigate the challenges of dragon-bonding, personal dilemmas, and looming threats. With seven binge-worthy episodes dropping on Thu, Sep 14, 2023, there’s no better time to embark on this dragon-filled adventure than right now.

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