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Will We Be Getting A “How to Train Your Dragon 4”?

DreamWorks’ adaptation of the children’s book written by Cressida Cowell has become a phenomenon ever since the release of the first movie of the How to Train Your Dragon series in 2010. The second movie of the series, How to Train Your Dragon 2, followed in 2014, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in 2019. The movie trilogy has become successful over the decade. 

The three movies discuss Hiccup’s adventures, which Jay Baruchel voiced, and his dragon Toothless. Alongside their friends and companions from their village. Since the release of The Hidden World, fans have been happy with the ending but still looking for more. Will we get a possible How To Train Your Dragon 4 or a prequel movie to the trilogy? 

Will We Be Getting A How to Train Your Dragon 4?

The Story So Far

In the first movie, How to Train Your Dragon, we are introduced to Hiccup and his Father, the chief of their village of Vikings. Vikings were known to be aggressive towards dragons, picturing them as beasts and fearful monsters. Especially Hiccup’s father, after experiencing the loss of his wife, believes that dragons killed her. As a dragon attacked the village, this gave Hiccup a chance to show his father and everyone else what he could do. At first, he succeeded in shooting down a night fury lurking around their island. Night furies are known to be a dangerous type of species.

Even though it is against the Viking rule, Hiccup and the night fury soon become friends and get closer. Soon as the fight between humans and dragons was over, both could live peacefully in harmony. 

In the second movie, released in 2014, we jump 5 years forward. Hiccup and Toothless, the night fury, are still friends, and during one of their exploratory adventures, they come across a mystical ice cave. Exploring deep into the cavern, they discovered dragons inhabited the place. They also came across the legendary dragon, soon finding that it was Hiccup’s mother who was believed dead. However, they encounter the evil Drago, who fears nothing and wants to train the dragons for his army. The conflict ends for the villagers as Drago loses control of his army and has to flee. Hiccup was appointed chief due to his outstanding achievement.

In part 3 of the trilogy, Hiccup and the village face a new challenge. Hiccup and his girlfriend, Astrid, take care of the business in Burke, while Toothless has risen to become the leader of the dragon colony. The village of Burke flies to find a new place to stay because, besides the increasing population of the dragons in town, a new threat has come where it is going after the night fury and the village chief. A light fury enters the picture too, and a solution to this problem is to find the so-called secret world where it’s believed to be the dragon’s den. 

After a brutal confrontation with the dragon rider, Toothless, the alpha dragon, finally manages to lead the dragon colony alongside the light fury. Hiccup and Astrid get tied to the knot after settling on the new island. In the final scene of the movie series, we see Hiccup and his family flying with their dragons with a final note saying that he wants to keep the existence of dragons a secret until humanity is ready for both species to coexist.

‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Was The Finale

As you can tell, The Hidden World was the last of the “How To Train Your Dragon” movie trilogy. Dean DeBlois directed all three movies of the trilogy and stated in the past that he would adequately conclude the story in this third chapter. DeBlois has been discussing this approach for nearly five years; in 2014, he mentioned that he successfully convinced DreamWorks not to make a fourth installment of How to Train Your Dragon. As a result, Hiccup and Toothless’ tales are mostly concluded by the ending of this third movie, coming to a joyful climax.

‘How To Train Your Dragon’ The Series? 

The trilogy’s end is not a reason for the fans to be sad. The “How To Train Your Dragon” franchise may not continue the story with another movie, but they did release a sequel series. Releasing a 22-minute Christmas special HTTYD: Homecoming, the story circulates about Hiccup and Astrid alongside their children, Nuffink and Zephyr. 

Dreamworks also released two other series with the HTTYD franchise. Titled Dragon Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky and How To Train Your Dragon: Nine Realms were released as sequels. 

Rescue Riders, catered for younger audiences than the previous Dragons programs on Cartoon Network and Netflix, centers on twins Dak and Leyla, who dragons reared and, as a result, have a special rapport with them. In their adopted town of Huttsgalor, twins Dak and Leyla spend their days saving dragons and offering assistance to locals. It is a comedy-adventure animated program. 

The HTTYD: Nine Realms is set in the current era, 1300 years after the events of HTTYD: THE HIDDEN WORLD, where dragons are only a talk of fiction, legend, and fantasy. Scientists from all over the world gather to construct a cutting-edge research facility after a comet collides with the planet and causes a significant tectonic upheaval resulting in an enormous, enigmatic rift. We’ll meet Tom Kullersen, a young adventurer whose mother works as the lab’s chief scientist. Tom finds in secret that dragons exist and that the rift contains a doorway to the Hidden World. This new world, its inhabitants, and a new group of heroic dragons are all introduced to us in Season 1. The riders will learn shocking things about dragons and their planet and swear to keep their existence a secret from anybody who might wish to harm them on the surface.

Possible Storyline For HTTYD 4 (If there was one)

Although it was clear from Director Dean DeBlois that there would be no part 4, it can’t stop fans from talking about possible plots HTTYD 4 would happen. If there were a part 4 for the movie series, it would probably tell us about the final story of Hiccup and Toothless’s years of growing apart from each other, like what we saw in the last scene of The Hidden World. However, this story would feel repetitive and unnecessary. 

Another possibility would focus on Hiccup’s children, Nuffkin and Zephyr. A time jump could happen, and both children would be in their teenage years, following in their father’s footsteps. But fans would probably prefer that, instead of a sequel, we would be getting a prequel. For instance, a back story about Hiccup’s parents and focus on life before his birth or tell the story of the village of Burke. Another option is one or more spinoffs from the movie series. 

These are the latest news regarding the How To Train your Dragon movie series. Moreover, even the hopes for part 4 are down. The franchise is far from dead, but rest assured, fans could expect a seamless continuation if there were a follow-up. 

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