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Cheech and Chong: The Kings of Stoner Comedy

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have been making people laugh since they teamed up in the 1970s. They’re one of the most iconic comedy duos in history, and their movies have made them legendary. Here’s a look at the best Cheech and Chong movies.

Cheech and Chong movies

Up in Smoke (1978)

Cheech and Chong’s first movie together was Up in Smoke, released in 1978. It follows two stoners, Pedro de Pacas (Cheech Marin) and Anthony “Man” Stoner (Tommy Chong), as they try to stay out of trouble while trying to find a way to pay for a van made entirely out of marijuana. This classic film features some of the duo’s most memorable scenes, including their hilariously disastrous attempt at passing a drug test with balloons full of someone else’s urine. It was an instant hit with fans and launched Cheech and Chong into stardom.

It was followed by several sequels, including Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie (1980), Nice Dreams (1981), Still Smokin’ (1983), The Corsican Brothers (1984), and Get Out Of My Room (1985). All five movies featured the same characters and similar humor, but each had its own unique plotline that kept fans entertained.

Nice Dreams (1981)

Nice Dreams is one of the best-loved Cheech and Chong movies. In this movie, Pedro de Pacas and Anthony “Man” Stoner are running a business selling ice cream from their van while also dealing marijuana on the side. When they get caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, they find themselves facing off with two rival gangs after their stash. With plenty of laughs along the way, this movie will leave viewers in stitches as Cheech and Chong battle it out for control over their business venture.

The movie also features appearances from other comedy greats such as Paul Reubens, Phil Hartman, Edie McClurg, Tim Reid, Tom Davis, Michael Winslow, and even a young Jennifer Tilly making her feature film debut. With its star-studded cast, this movie is sure to be entertaining for both newbies to the series and long-time fans alike.

Still Smokin’ (1983)

Still, Smokin’ is another classic Cheech & Chong movie that follows the duo on their quest to perform at an Amsterdam music festival after winning tickets from an unsuspecting fan on Hollywood Boulevard. Unsurprisingly they get into all sorts of wild hijinks along the way due to their constant smoking habit, which lands them in hot water with multiple people throughout their journey across Europe, including an Italian gangster named Tony Montana, played by Sylvester Stallone! This movie also features appearances by other comedy legends like Bill Murray and cameos from music stars like Carlene Carter, who plays herself in the movie singing “I Fell In Love Again Last Night”!

The Corsican Brothers (1984)

The Corsican Brothers is another Cheech & Chong movie that takes a different turn from the previous films. It follows the duo as they get caught up in a web of deception and intrigue after they befriend two Italian brothers who are searching for their long-lost brother. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of dangerous characters, including an evil count played by Christopher Lee, as well as some hilarious moments with the bumbling brothers.

Get Out Of My Room (1985)

In Get Out of My Room, Cheech and Chong play two hapless music producers trying to make it big in the industry. But their plans are derailed when they accidentally end up getting stuck inside a giant soundproof room while trying to record a demo tape with their bandmates. This movie features some classic Cheech & Chong comedy along with appearances from other comedy greats such as Richard Dreyfuss, Jack Carter, and Howie Mandel.

Cheech and Chong have been making people laugh for decades, and it’s no wonder why – their movies are hilarious! Whether you’re already a fan or new to the series, these five movies will leave you in stitches as you follow Cheech and Chong on their wild and wacky adventures.

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