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8 Essential Amazon Prime Channels You Should Be Subscribed To


Amazon Prime is still working on competing with Netflix and Hulu in the originals game, but if you’re a cordcutter (or aspire to be one), then the service should be on your radar. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you already have access to a decent sized library of films and TV series. You can also rent new and old favorites without leaving the app, but to get the most out of Amazon Prime, the channels section needs to be your new best friend.

In addition to their own library, Amazon Prime also features add-on subscriptions for other services that can expand what you have access to stream. For instance, you can add-on HBO, Starz, and Showtime without having a cable subscription, because we truly are living in a brave new world. Of course, each of these channels come at a cost, and because you’re likely already subscribing to Netflix and Hulu too, your budget may not have the wiggle room for you to go wild.

With that in mind, here are eight channels that are worth your hard-earned cash. (Note: While they’re not on this list, if you don’t subscribe to HBO, Starz, or Showtime elsewhere, adding them to your Amazon channels lineup could be a convenient choice, but given their popularity, I’m leaving them off of the official list.)

Boomerang ($4.99)

Warner Bros. TV

Whether you have kids or just a deep appreciation for the animated classics, Boomerang is a wonderful addition to your Amazon Prime lineup. The channel is a treasure trove of Looney Tunes, classic Scooby Doo, and The Flinstones episodes. If you don’t have cable, this is a great way to include your kids in the streaming experience and feed your own nostalgia in the process.

Britbox ($6.99)


Britbox is the service that anglophiles have been waiting their whole lives for. The channel has an ever-expanding library of new and old programs from across the pond including classic Doctor Who, same day episodes of Eastenders, and mystery favorite Vera. This channel, in addition to the popular Masterpiece shows and new Doctor Who episodes already in your Amazon library, should keep fans of British television satisfied.

Hallmark Movies Now ($5.99)

TriStar Pictures

This is another family-friendly channel full of movies you can enjoy with everyone in your home, but romantics are going to be the ones who get the most out of Hallmark Movies Now. If you can’t get enough of cheesy, made-for-TV movies and Canadian period pieces, this will be the best six dollar investment you ever make.

Shudder ($4.99)


Can’t get enough horror? Shudder has everything you could ask for including TV series, ’70s slasher films, and genre classics. If horror is your go-to film category then this channel will keep you up all night for a variety of reasons.

Sports Illustrated TV ($4.99)

United Artists

Sports fans will find plenty of love about the Sports Illustrated channel. In addition to iconic sports films like Rocky, the channel also includes in-depth documentaries, chat shows, and even the Gladiator TV series.

Sundance Now ($6.99)

Columbia Pictures

Sundance Now has a little bit of everything. There are classic movies like Taxi Driver, comedies like Frances Ha, documentaries, and even compelling foreign TV shows. The channel is eclectic, but that’s a good thing, because there’s no filler. Sundance Now is all about quality, which means you always get your money’s worth.

Tribeca Shortlist ($4.99)

Miramax Films

Film fans will fall hard for Tribeca Shortlist. Each month, actors, directors, and other artsy types pick movies to add to the collection, and you can bet their additions tend to be top tier. From The Queen to Marty, this channel has something for everyone with a passion for movies.

Walter Presents ($6.99)

Walter Presents

TV connoisseurs will have endless options with Walter Presents, a hub for the best in foreign shows from across the globe. If you want to know what’s happening in the world of TV beyond the shores of the U.S. and Britain, then treat yourself to a subscription to this essential channel.

Make your Amazon Prime subscription work for you by adding one of these channels that will expand your streaming options on your terms.


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