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7 Reboots That Need to Happen Now

Noah Hathway as Atreyu in “The NeverEnding Story” by Warner Bros.

There are so many remakes and reboots that come out every year, from movies to tv shows, that people do get a little touch of what I like to call R.F.S. (Reboot Fatigue Syndrome). But once in a while, on a day when you’re stuck inside and are re-watching one of your old favorites, you have a moment where you think to yourself: “Man, somebody really needs to re-make this.”

So here is a list dedicated to that moment and all its realness. Here are seven movies and shows that need to be rebooted, like yesterday.

The NeverEnding Story

There are so many iconic scenes in this film that I would love to see updated: from Artax’s untimely demise, to Atreyu’s face-off with G’mork and so on. This is the perfect time for a remake. The original was made during a time when children’s films were much darker, so a re-telling of this story would need to be protected from being too sanitized. Perhaps they could shoot for a PG-13 rating. (Are you taking notes, Hollywood?) Either way, it needs to happen.

The Outsiders

The original cast of The Outsiders is pretty iconic that it’s hard to recommend messing with this one, but it is just too tempting. This would have to be a complete re-adaptation of the book (by S.E. Hinton). I personally would love to see who they would cast and how it would all come together.

The Craft

I would love to see an updated version of The Craft, and they could even bring back some of the old cast. (Would not bother me a bit!)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I for one would love to see what a modern-day Holly Golightly is like. The original adaptation of Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s was already a movie ahead of its time, I say we bring it to the present and see what these characters would look like in today’s world.

Harry Potter

“Too soon!” You all must be thinking it, but hear me out. The Harry Potter books has a wealth of backstory and a depth of world-building that was just not able to fully come to life with the film adaptation. My remedy? Let’s take it back to the beginning and make it a series with 10-12 episodes per season.


Take this premise (a gamer unwittingly taps into a government database and causes a nuclear crisis) and set it in modern times in today’s political climate, then you’ve got a bonafide thriller that could just become a hit. Bonus points if it stars Matthew Broderick reprising his role as an older, wiser, I’ve-been-here-before sage.

The Brady Bunch

I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t they already do that? And wasn’t it kind of terrible? And weren’t there two of them?” Yes, yes, and, unfortunately, yes. But I want you to forget all about that. I would love for this show to be remade but as an hour-long drama with a darker and edgier tone. Think: More Riverdale, less 7th Heaven.

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