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2020: This Year in Streaming

What is Reelgood’s This Year in Streaming?
This Year in Streaming is a rundown of the top movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, and genres that were most popular among Reelgood users over the course of this current year.

How big is the sample for this year’s data and what’s the locale?
This Year in Streaming for 2020 is based on streaming and engagement data from over 2M Reelgood users in the United States. This includes click plays and other metrics that are specially designed to gauge user interest.

What date ranges does This Year in Streaming cover?
January 1 to November 30, 2020. This gives our team enough time to put the report together for you to enjoy and share with your friends and family!

Will there ever be This Year in Streaming reports for users outside of the U.S.?
Yes, soon! We’re aiming to start rolling this out for our international users as well by 2021.

I want to get these reports every year. How do I make that happen?
By following these three easy-peasy steps:

  1. Log in to your Reelgood account
  2. On the Settings page, make sure you have ‘Announcements & Newsletter’ switched on. Don’t worry, we’re spam-free!
  3. Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter where we post all updates (as well as super custom movie and TV show recommendations) and regularly engage with our favorite users. Feel free to drop by and say hi! 

Is there going to be a report with just my personal streaming activity for the year?
This is currently being developed, and we hope to launch this feature for the very first time by the end of 2021. Make sure you sign up for a Reelgood account and keep your profile updated so you’ll be among the first to have your own personalized This Year in Streaming 2021 report!

I have just started using Reelgood. How do I make sure I’m included in next year’s report?
Just sign up for a Reelgood account and keep your profile updated with what you’re watching! We’ll take care of the rest 😉

Can I share This Year in Streaming?
Yes! Just take a quick screenshot or download the image you want to share, and BOOM! That’s it. You can also share the graphics right from your email inbox if you’re subscribed to our newsletter! Alternatively, you can check us out on Instagram and/or Twitter where we post This Year in Streaming results as well and share from there.

Encourage your friends to create their own accounts so next year, you can finally see who really does have better taste in movies.

Is there a place where I can always find the top 10 movies and TV shows for each particular year?
Why, yes of course! Every year, the top 10 movies and TV shows that make it to This Year in Streaming will be added to their own special place on the Reelgood website. For this year, you can find them here.

For all my fellow nerds out there, this one’s for you! Keep reading to find out how all of these fun rankings were put together.

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows
For both movies and TV shows, we relied on the average daily streams for every single title in our database to determine the winners. This means we looked at the total number of streams for each movie and TV show and divided that over the number of days each specific title has been available to stream. Then we used the quotient to decide the final top 10!

Why not just look at the total number of streams and stop there? 
Because we wanted to see which movies and TV shows were actually watched the most by our users this year, and only looking at the total number of streams would have meant that movies and TV shows that have been out for longer (e.g since January) will of course have accumulated more streams compared to a title that came out in, say, November.

For this same reason, only movies and TV shows that have been available to stream in 2020 for more than four weeks were included in this analysis. 

Top 5 Actors and Actresses
To determine the top five most popular actors and actresses this year among Reelgood users, we used the same methodology as we did for movies and TV shows (outlined above) to remove any influence of titles released earlier or later in the year.

Which services did you analyze for this report?
We analyzed titles from 150+ SVOD and AVOD streaming services available in the U.S. Titles exclusively available via rent/buy or TVOD platforms were excluded.

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