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10 Times Frank Took Being Gross to a New Level On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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It’s wild to think that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been giving us hilarious episodes since 2005. There was never any guarantee that the Paddy’s Pub gang was going to return for a 13th season when the 12th season concluded in March of last year. Kaitlin Olson was busy with her Fox show The Mick and Glenn Howerton had expressed that he was unsure if he would return for another season as he wanted to focus on his show A.P. Bio.

Thankfully, we are getting another season of Always Sunny premiering on September 5 and by the looks of the trailer, it’s going to be just as insane as ever. Speaking of insane, let’s discuss Danny Devito’s character of Frank Reynolds. The man is without a doubt, the most depraved and disgusting of the bunch. There’s no low that he won’t stoop to in order to satisfy his own vices and the results are often some of the show’s most jaw-dropping and laugh out loud moments.

In preparation for Frank’s return, which is sure to give us even more of his repulsive exploits, here are Frank’s grossest moments on the show so far.

10. The Frank volcano.

The gurgling sounds that emit from Frank’s body sound like geothermal activity ready to blow and blow Frank does. While on the way to his brother’s funeral in an attempt to sleep with his widow — because the man is a depraved human being — Frank shows the world his “Frank volcano” and proceeds to let beer foam out of his mouth down his chest. The image might just be enough to ruin beer for you.

9. Urinal waterboarding.

Season four’s “The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis” has numerous standout moments, and Frank’s waterboarding of Dee is certainly a highlight. Yes, it’s a cruel form of torture, but Frank takes things it to an even grosser level when he uses a urinal to conduct his wicked punishment. Considering that Charlie’s janitor duties in the bar are lacking in the sanitary department, it’s doubtful that was a clean urinal Dee’s head was in.

8. The time he went down a water slide without water.

On the scale of painful activities, going down dry water slide has to be somewhere between shaving with hot sauce and sticking your face in a ceiling fan. While Frank’s water slide experience isn’t totally water-free, (Charlie was kind enough to empty the rest of his bottled water on the slide) it’s basically a 200-foot drop down a chute of plastic pain. Frank, of course, emerges at the bottom a bloody mess, leading everyone to believe he’s contaminated the pool with AIDS.

7. Frank gets stuck in playground equipment.

Frank trapped in a piece of playground equipment while only wearing his underwear may not be on the same gross-meter as the other entries on our list, but it’s certainly creepy/disturbing/pathetic.

6. When he purified himself.

You have to give it to the Always Sunny gang – they seem to top themselves each season, and season nine’s “The Gang Gets Quarantined” was no exception. After each member of the gang succumbs to illness, Frank makes a desperate attempt to purify himself by bathing in hand sanitizer. Kudos to Danny Devito for not only shaving his head but giving us a nightmarish image that was anything but pure.

5. “Can I offer you a nice egg?”

Any female unlucky enough to go on a date with Charlie Kelly is likely to need therapy, but none perhaps more so than the woman who stepped into Frank’s limo. After being drenched in projectile blood packet vomit, Frank had the lunacy to “offer her a nice egg in this trying time.” Only a gross psycho like Frank would believe that eggs are the answer.

4. Plugging his wounds with hot glue.

The episode hasn’t even premiered yet but judging from the season 13 trailer, some sort of unspeakable acts must take place for Frank to resort to plugging his open wounds with a glue gun. Your guess to the horrific events that lead up to Frank taking such desperate and disturbing measures are as good as ours. However it plays out, it’s certain to be a new low for Frank Reynolds.

3. Rum ham.

Okay, so eating your booze in the form of rum-soaked ham may not be the worst idea in the world. That said, Frank continuing to feast upon his liquored meat creation after it’s been floating in ocean water for hours is a perfect example of how gross the man truly is. If it involves getting hammered, the man’s debauchery knows no bounds.

2. Frank’s bed pooping prank.

If there was ever any doubt in the viewer’s mind that Frank Reynolds was a disgusting man, it was laid to rest with this episode from season four. The entire episode is centered around the mystery of who pooped in the bed that Charlie shares with Frank. Spoiler alert: It was Frank laying brown logs the entire time. Why? “Because poop is funny,” Frank reasons to the gang.

1. Frank crawls out of a couch.

It simply wouldn’t be a list of Frank’s grossest moments if we didn’t include him crawling out of a couch while naked. Dennis and Dee’s idea of sewing Frank into the couch to spy on his old business partner was doomed to fail. Frank crawling out of the couch sweaty, naked and gasping for air in the middle of a holiday party is anything but a merry sight and gave us the standout moment of season five’s “A Very Sunny Christmas.”

Perhaps Mac put it best regarding Frank Reynolds when he told him “you are a disgusting person.” Yeah, that pretty much sums the guy up.

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