Little Women 2019 – The Film You Can’t-Miss

Little Women (2019): Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters – four young women, each determined to live life on her own terms.

Little Women, one of literature’s most beloved stories, is back on the big screen with an update for 2019. Greta Gerwig, the Academy Award-nominated director of Ladybird, has given the classic tale fresh life with her latest movie. While staying true to the book’s thematic elements and loyal to its original characters, Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women 2019 is a captivating cinematic production.

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Whether you’re seeing it for the first time or the hundredth, Little Women 2019 stands out as a modern portrayal of the literary classic. It depicts the lives of the four March sisters as they band together to navigate the world despite having few options due to their gender: artistic, tomboyish Jo; reserved, bashful Beth; femme fatale Amy; and prim Meg. Fans of the novel will be delighted as Gerwig’s compelling take on the cherished story does justice to Louisa May Alcott’s masterpiece.

The Plot

The movie begins with a modern-day Mrs. March looking back on the stories of her childhood and the inspiring life of her foremothers. The movie then cuts to the past and follows the March sisters’ journey from childhood to womanhood in the late 1800s. As the eldest March sister, Meg has a keenness for home life and is resigned to the limited options for women of her time. However, she is quickly swept off her feet when she meets the dashing Mr. Brooke. Jo, the second eldest, is determined to make something of herself as a writer and defy expectations to become a woman in charge of her destiny. The third March sister, Beth, is the epitome of innocence and kindness and often looks to her elders to provide direction. Amy, the youngest and wildest of the sisters, is most affected by the restrictions placed on women of her time. Despite her societal position, she is willing and ambitious and strives to make a name for herself.

With each passing day, the March sisters struggle to balance their desires for independence with the societal pressures of Victorian America. Gerwig’s thought-around credits also add depth to the storyline and will leave a lasting impression.

What Makes Little Women Special

Little Women is a story of family, love, and friendship. It follows the lives of the four March sisters as they come of age during the Civil War Era. The sisters are portrayed by brilliant actors including Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, and Eliza Scanlen. Each sister is strikingly different, yet equally endearing, and watching them interact is utterly heartwarming. The story is of immense importance and relevance, with the lives of the four sisters thoughtfully interwoven to create an unforgettable narrative. There is Jo, the creative and independent one; Beth, the gentle and caring one; Meg, the romantic one; and Amy, the determined one. All four embody the struggles and joys of life, making little women more than a mere love story. It has underlying feminist themes; Jo revolting against societal expectations of a young woman in order to live authentically and pursue her dreams is a major plot point in the movie.

The Cast

The remarkable ensemble cast, under Gerwig’s direction, breathes life into the characters and captures the essence of the story’s themes and emotions. Here’s what we know about the cast of “Little Women” (2019):

Greta Gerwig: Greta Gerwig took on the directorial role for this adaptation of “Little Women.” Her creative vision and directorial prowess brought a fresh perspective to the timeless narrative.

Saoirse Ronan: Saoirse Ronan portrayed Josephine ‘Jo’ March, the headstrong and fiercely independent sister who aspires to be a writer. Ronan’s captivating performance captured Jo’s spirit and complexity.

Florence Pugh: Florence Pugh took on the role of Amy March, the artistic and ambitious sister. Pugh’s portrayal showcased the growth and nuances of Amy’s character as she matures.

Emma Watson: Emma Watson played Margaret ‘Meg’ March, the responsible and traditional sister who dreams of a loving family life. Watson’s performance captured Meg’s blend of practicality and sentimentality.

Eliza Scanlen: Eliza Scanlen portrayed Elizabeth ‘Beth’ March, the kind-hearted and musically talented sister. Scanlen’s portrayal highlighted Beth’s gentle nature and inner strength.

Laura Dern: Laura Dern played Margaret ‘Marmee’ March, the March sisters’ nurturing and wise mother. Dern’s performance captured Marmee’s guidance and influence on her daughters.

Timothée Chalamet: Timothée Chalamet took on the role of Theodore ‘Laurie’ Laurence, the charming and free-spirited neighbor. Chalamet’s performance depicted Laurie’s evolving relationships with the March sisters.

Meryl Streep: Meryl Streep portrayed Aunt Josephine March, the wealthy and opinionated aunt. Streep’s presence added depth and humor to the story.

Trailer for Little Women


Little Women 2019 is not just a movie but a meditation on the female experience. Gerwig pours this timeless theme into each of her characters’ struggles and arcs — Meg’s need to be a proper lady; Jo’s goal to be an author; Amy’s striving to paint; and Beth’s tenderness — to bring light to the power of sisterhood and the strength of womanhood. With all its classic charm and a modern touch, Little Women 2019 sparks understanding and compassion. It’s a must-see experience that audiences of all ages will surely enjoy.

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