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‘American Psycho’: Enjoy it on Any Screen, Anytime, and Anywhere

American Psycho (2000): A wealthy New York City investment banking executive, Patrick Bateman, hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he delves deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.

Welcome to the dark and unsettling world of “American Psycho,” a gripping psychological thriller that will leave you questioning the boundaries of sanity. Step into the life of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy and successful investment banker by day and a deranged serial killer by night. Set in the heart of 1980s New York City, this film takes you on a chilling journey through Bateman’s twisted mind, where appearances deceive and violence lurks beneath the surface. Brace yourself for a suspenseful exploration of obsession, power, and the fragile nature of the human psyche. Get ready to be captivated by “American Psycho,” a cinematic masterpiece that will both mesmerize and disturb you.

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American Psycho’s Cast

  1. Christian Bale portrays the enigmatic and chilling character of Patrick Bateman, a New York City investment banker who leads a secret life as a serial killer.
  2. Justin Theroux takes on the role of Timothy Bryce, one of Bateman’s colleagues, unaware of his dark side.
  3. Josh Lucas brings Craig McDermott to life, another unsuspecting coworker of Bateman.
  4. Bill Sage embodies the character of David Van Patten, a colleague entangled in Bateman’s twisted world.
  5. Chloë Sevigny plays Jean, Bateman’s loyal secretary, caught up in the sinister web he weaves.
  6. Reese Witherspoon portrays Evelyn Williams, Bateman’s fiancée, who is despised by him.
  7. Samantha Mathis takes on the role of Courtney Rawlinson, Luis Carruthers’ fiancée, entangled in an affair with Bateman.
  8. Matt Ross portrays Luis Carruthers, a coworker of Bateman’s with a hidden secret of his own.
  9. Jared Leto embodies the character of Paul Allen, a fellow investment banker who falls victim to Bateman’s homicidal urges.
  10. Willem Dafoe brings the role of Donald Kimball to life, a private investigator tasked with uncovering the truth behind Paul Allen’s disappearance.

Trailer for American Psycho

Other Platforms to Watch American Psycho

To enjoy streaming the captivating series, you have various options available. Hulu and Cinemax require a subscription plan for access to the show’s content. If you prefer a free streaming platform, you can watch it on Freeve. Alternatively, you can opt to buy or rent the series on platforms like Vudu (starting at $3.99), Prime Video ($3.99), Microsoft ($3.99), YouTube ($9.99), Apple TV ($3.99), iTunes ($3.99), and Google Play ($9.99).

For enhanced accessibility and to unlock content on US servers, we recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A reliable VPN service can provide you with the necessary access and help ensure a seamless streaming experience.

Plot for American Psycho

In the affluent world of 1980s Manhattan, Patrick Bateman appears to be a successful investment banker with a luxurious lifestyle. However, beneath his polished exterior lies a deeply disturbed and psychotic individual. Patrick becomes obsessed with perfection and indulges in a secret life as a sadistic serial killer.

As Patrick navigates the ruthless corporate world, he masks his violent tendencies behind a mask of charm and charisma. He meticulously plans and executes his heinous crimes, targeting those he perceives as morally inferior or beneath him. From homeless individuals to his own colleagues, no one is safe from Patrick’s deranged and calculated violence.

Amidst the facade of his seemingly normal life, Patrick’s grip on reality begins to crumble. He struggles to maintain a semblance of normalcy as his violent urges intensify. The line between his fantasies and reality becomes increasingly blurred, leaving both the audience and Patrick questioning what is truly happening.

Haunted by his own inner demons and desperate for control, Patrick’s descent into madness becomes a horrifying journey. The darkness within him consumes everything, threatening to unravel the carefully constructed facade he presents to the world.

American Psycho filming locations

  1. American Gardens Building – This iconic building located at 590 Madison Avenue serves as the exterior of the fictional Pierce & Pierce investment firm where Patrick Bateman works.
  1. The Algonquin Hotel – Situated at 59 West 44th Street, The Algonquin Hotel is featured in several scenes, including the restaurant where Bateman and his colleagues have lunch.
  1. Trump Tower – Located at 725 Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower is showcased as the residence of Patrick Bateman. The sleek and luxurious interiors of the building reflect Bateman’s obsession with wealth and status.
  1. The Yale Club of New York City – This prestigious private club at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue appears in the film as the backdrop for some business meetings and social gatherings.
  1. The Dakota – Situated at 1 West 72nd Street, The Dakota is an iconic apartment building known for its historical significance. It serves as the residence of Paul Allen, Bateman’s ill-fated colleague.
  1. Time Warner Center – This stunning complex at 10 Columbus Circle stands in as the location of Bateman’s apartment in the film.
  1. Bowery Bar – Located at 40 East 4th Street, the Bowery Bar is featured in a memorable scene where Bateman dines with his friends.

Viewer’s Reaction to American Psycho

Review for American Psycho

“American Psycho” is a gripping and unsettling film that delves into the dark and twisted mind of its protagonist, Patrick Bateman. Played brilliantly by Christian Bale, Bateman is a Wall Street investment banker who leads a double life as a cold-blooded serial killer.

The film is an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial novel, and it successfully captures the chilling and disturbing essence of the source material. Director Mary Harron skillfully balances the film’s dark humor with its moments of intense violence, creating a uniquely unsettling viewing experience.

Christian Bale’s performance as Patrick Bateman is nothing short of phenomenal. He flawlessly embodies the character’s charming and charismatic facade, while also conveying his deeply disturbed and violent nature. Bale’s commitment to the role is evident in every scene, making Bateman one of the most memorable and unsettling characters in film history.


Is “American Psycho” a horror film or a psychological thriller?

“American Psycho” is often categorized as a psychological thriller with elements of horror. While it does contain intense and disturbing moments, it primarily explores the psychological deterioration of its protagonist rather than aiming solely to frighten viewers.

Are there any differences between the book and the movie?

Yes, there are some differences between the book and the movie adaptation. The film omits certain scenes and alters the narrative slightly. However, it remains faithful to the overall tone and themes of the novel.

Is it worth watching?

“American Psycho” is worth watching for its thought-provoking exploration of the dark side of human nature and the pursuit of materialism. The film offers a chilling and satirical commentary on the superficiality of 1980s yuppie culture, delving into the mind of its protagonist, Patrick Bateman, played masterfully by Christian Bale. The movie tackles themes of identity, consumerism, and the masks we wear in society, presenting a disturbing yet captivating character study. It is a compelling and unsettling cinematic experience that pushes boundaries and forces viewers to question their own perceptions of reality. With its stylish direction, intense performances, and a narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, “American Psycho” remains a cult classic that continues to fascinate and provoke discussion.

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