This Halloween, Live Dangerously From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

On Halloween, there’s only one argument bigger than “is Candy Corn actually good or not”…and that’s “what movie do we watch”! Whether you’re having a virtual Watch Party with friends or living like the good ole days by hosting a horror movie marathon this season, it’s always difficult picking the ‘right’ spooky movie to appease everyone. 

That’s where Spooky Roulette comes in! Just a quick spin of the wheel and a horror flick is selected for you faster than you can say “Beetlejuice.” So instead of spending valuable time arguing with friends about what to watch, you can now get back to the Candy Corn debate as you get the pants scared off of you with a random horror title from one of your favorite streaming services.

Happy Halloween everyone and happy spooky spinning!

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