Inside The Golden Palace: Discovering its Splendor and Grandeur

The Golden Palace (1992): The Golden Palace is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS from September 18, 1992, to May 14, 1993. The show is a spin-off of the sitcom The Golden Girls, continuing the story from that series. CBS cancelled the spin-off in 1993 after one season.

Welcome to the majestic world of The Golden Palace, a breathtaking haven that exudes opulence and grandeur like no other. Nestled amidst enchanting landscapes and adorned with exquisite architectural marvels, this legendary establishment has captured the hearts and imaginations of those who seek the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

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The Golden Palace: A Unique Chapter in the Franchise – Breaking New Ground and Expanding the Story

“The Golden Palace” is a spin-off series that continues the story of the beloved sitcom “The Golden Girls.” Following the departure of Dorothy (played by Bea Arthur), the show introduces a new chapter in the lives of Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White), and Sophia (Estelle Getty).

The series takes place at the same iconic Miami-based house where the previous seasons of “The Golden Girls” were set. However, in a significant change, the three remaining ladies decide to convert the house into a charming hotel called “The Golden Palace.” This new venture leads them on a journey of hilarious misadventures and heartwarming moments as they navigate the challenges of running a business together.

“The Golden Palace” retains the witty humor and endearing dynamic that made the original series so popular. However, it also introduces fresh storylines and opportunities for character growth. With the absence of Dorothy, the remaining characters find themselves exploring new dimensions of their personalities and relationships, discovering hidden talents, and forming new connections with the eclectic array of guests who visit their hotel.

Release Date and Trailer 

Release Date: September 18, 1992

Meet the Cast of ‘The Golden Palace’: Familiar Faces

  1. Betty White (Rose Nylund): Betty White portrays Rose Nylund, as a sweet and naive woman with a heart of gold. Known for her genuine kindness and quirky stories, Rose adds a touch of innocence and charm to “The Golden Palace.”
  1. Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux): Rue McClanahan plays Blanche Devereaux, a vivacious and flirty Southern belle. With her wit and romantic escapades, Blanche brings humor and sass to the dynamic group of characters.
  1. Estelle Getty (Sophia Petrillo): Estelle Getty takes on the role of Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy’s feisty and sarcastic mother. Despite her small stature, Sophia’s sharp tongue and quick wit make her a force to be reckoned with.
  1. Cheech Marin (Chuy Castillos): Cheech Marin joins “The Golden Palace” as Chuy Castillos, the hotel’s quirky and fun-loving chef. Chuy’s comedic antics and culinary skills add a unique flavor to the series.
  1. Don Cheadle (Roland Wilson): Don Cheadle portrays Roland Wilson, the hotel’s manager. As a capable and level-headed character, Roland keeps things running smoothly amidst the comedic chaos.
  1. Billy L. Sullivan (Oliver Webb): Billy L. Sullivan plays Oliver Webb, a young boy living at the hotel. Oliver’s innocent and curious nature leads to heartwarming interactions with the main characters.
  1. Paul Junger Witt (Producer): Paul Junger Witt serves as a producer for “The Golden Palace,” overseeing the show’s creative direction and production.
  1. Susan Harris (Producer): Susan Harris, the creator of “The Golden Girls,” also takes on a producing role for the spin-off series. Her vision and storytelling continue to shape the lives of these beloved characters in their new venture.

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