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Study: Cutting the Cord Might Lead to Less Enjoyment and More Frustration

Holly and Nicolas in “Raising Arizona” is exhibit A of how real the TV struggle was and always has been.

You’re on the season finale of Cable Girls, and as you struggle to come to grips with Alba’s latest predicament (no spoilers here, I swear!) — you realize you too have a major problem. What the heck are you going to watch next???

And this isn’t something that only you go through. A study from PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that 55% of consumers struggle to find a new show or movie at least once every week. Every. Single. Week. Let that sink in.

This same study also found that cord cutters are more frustrated than Pay-TV subscribers when searching for something new to watch. This undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that the choices of a Pay-TV subscriber is significantly more limited than those of a cord cutter.

PwC, Consumer Intelligence Series November 2017

With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO being just a few streaming services that release new and original content almost on a daily basis —there’s literally thousands (if not millions) of video content available to us at the click of a button. All this could get so overwhelming that we end up not watching anything at all.

According to PwC’s study, the hunt for video content can be split into two classifications: Discovery and Search.

PwC, Consumer Intelligence Series November 2017

The problem in the first classification, Discovery, is what plagues us the most. We’re stuck in a pit of indecision, not knowing what to play next. And the longer we stay there, the more likely we are to just give up and start watching Nikita again for the 17th time.

Now some might say this is easily fixed by custom recommendations from your favorite streaming service, but nope. Interestingly enough, a whopping 73% believe their friends and family know their movie and show preferences better than Netflix or Hulu does, and so they Discover new content through their best friend or their brother. I totally believe this, because my mom was the one who got me started on Meg Ryan and she has never once steered me wrong.

So now that you’re all excited about that show Uncle Remus is watching, we come to the second classification — Search. Because getting good recommendations and knowing which series you want to start next is really only half the battle.

Have you ever experienced that moment of pure joy when you know exactly what you want to watch, and you’re all giddy because you haven’t felt this sure of yourself and your life choices in a really long time?

Then you look for it on Hulu, and lo and behold, they do NOT have Moulin Rouge! Bummer, right? Research says one in every five will wave the white flag and rewatch House. Well, not House specifically, but something you’ve already seen.

This is where aggregators like Reelgood come in to save the weekend! No longer will we be forced to spend 30 minutes manually searching for one movie across hundreds of different sources. Reelgood puts together the libraries of over 300 streaming services, and does all the heavy-lifting for you!

Want to go on a Die Hard marathon, but you’re not quite sure where all the movies are currently streaming? Reelgood says they’re available on HBO, Cinemax, and lots of other options!

In a matter of seconds, you can relive the glory of Bruce Willis and Professor Snape duking it out.

So there you have it. The next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs and wondering what to watch and where you can stream it, hit up your BFF for a quick recommendation, and pop it on to Reelgood! There’s an app for iPhone users, and the web app for everybody.

Yippee ki-yay, fellow streamers!


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