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Netflix’s 2018 US TV Series Catalog Grew by 29%

Feel like you’re seeing more shows and fewer movies on Netflix? Turns out you’re right.

TV Shows appear to be driving a lot of success for Netflix. So much so, that in the past two years their TV show catalog has INCREASED by 29% and their movie catalog has DECREASED by 7%.

Netflix’s TV show catalog increased by 29.2%

It’s no secret that Netflix is investing heavily in original shows like On My Block and Queer Eye considering the success they’ve had with Stranger Things, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black.

Original shows have proven to be the best way for Netflix to drive new subscribers, reduce churn, and become less beholden to studios. As of now, there are 296 Netflix original series. That means almost 20% of Netflix’s show catalog are now originals.

Compare that to Netflix’s movie catalog which is only 7% originals, and it becomes pretty clear where Netflix is spending their $6 billion per year budget for original content.

Fun fact: The Crown cost $140 million to make. This makes it not only Netflix’s costliest title, but also the most expensive TV show EVER.

To see the changes in the Netflix catalog over time, Reelgood collected the data below:

Netflix’s Catalog Over Time

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