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Top 10 Jonah Hill Movies to Watch Right Now

Did you know that Jonah Hill has been in a whopping 46 films? His career began as early as 2001, and he hasn’t looked back. Despite being known for his comedic acting chops, the multi-talented actor has also ventured into voice acting, writing, and producing. Here are our top 10 Jonah Hill movies list of all time:

Jonah Hill movies

10. Superbad (2007)

Starring opposite Michael Cera, this 2007 comedy follows two teenagers trying to buy alcohol for a party before they start high school. Playing Seth, Jonah Hill delivers an iconic performance with his witty lines and hilarious antics. Co-written by Hill himself, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud as the two are up against a race of time. See it here:

9. 21 Jump Street (2012)

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in this action comedy based on the 1987 television series of the same name. Though past their teenage years, a police department sends them undercover to an area high school to investigate a drug ring. The movie proves to be funny, fresh, and full of surprises with every scene. Watch it here:

8. How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Jonah Hill has voiced his way into our hearts with this animated sequel to the hit movie “How To Train Your Dragon.” The actor gives life to the character of Snotlout, a Viking teen who is part of Hiccup and Astrid’s group of dragon riders. His boisterous energy will make you chuckle as he navigates through the story. Rent it here:

7. This Is The End (2013)

In this ensemble comedy, Jonah Hill plays himself alongside Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Emma Watson in an apocalypse scene in Los Angeles. The actors barricade themselves inside a home, forcing them to face the challenges of surviving together. He’s brought his trademark wit and humor to this movie, sure to make you laugh out loud! Watch it here:

6. Moneyball (2011)

In this 2011 biographical sports drama, Jonah Hill stars alongside Brad Pitt, playing Peter Brand, a Yale graduate who works with Billy Beane (Pitt) as the Oakland Athletics General Manager in changing how baseball is being played. His character brings some comedic relief throughout this inspiring film that will have you cheering from your seat. See it here:

5. Jump Street 22 (2014)

In this sequel to “21 Jump Street,” Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum find themselves going undercover as college students at a local university to investigate a crime that happened on campus. Get ready for some laugh-out-loud moments as the duo takes on their new case with hilarious results! Rent it here:

4. Sausage Party (2016)

Jonah Hill voices the character of Frank the sausage in this animated comedy about supermarket food coming alive when humans aren’t around. The movie is full of adult humor and language that will make you chuckle, as well as intricate animation that will have you in awe. Watch it here:

3. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Jonah Hill stars in this 2013 crime drama alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Donnie Azoff, a stockbroker caught up in the world’s worst financial crisis. His intense energy and passion for his role bring out an interesting side to the character, making for an entertaining performance by Hill. See it here:

2. War Dogs (2016)

Based on a true story, Jonah Hill plays David Packouz in this crime drama about a pair of young men who get caught up in the middle east arms dealing world. Hill’s character brings some dramatic and comedic elements to the movie, which will sometimes make you laugh out loud. Watch it here:

1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

Jonah Hill lends his voice to the character of Green Lantern in this Lego sequel. This animated comedy follows Emmet and his friends as they are forced to face their greatest challenge yet, saving their city from aliens that have invaded. Hill’s character brings some extra humor to this movie that will have you laughing throughout its entire runtime! Rent it here:

Jonah Hill has been in the acting game since he was a teen, and his career has gone on to include some of the most iconic movies we have seen over the last decade. From comedies like “21 Jump Street” to animations like “The Lego Movie 2,” Jonah Hill is an actor who can bring life to any role or genre he takes part in. This listicle looks at ten of his best movies so far and provides a URL for each one, so you can watch them today!

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