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Jesse Stone: A Classic Series of Crime Thrillers

The Jesse Stone movies have captivated audiences for over a decade with their classic crime thrills. Based on the novels of Robert B. Parker, the series stars Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, a small-town police chief who investigates crimes in Paradise, Massachusetts. From 2005 to 2015, there were nine Jesse Stone movies released. Below is a list of all nine films and a description of each one:

Jesse Stone movies

Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)
In this movie, Jesse is hired as the chief of police in Paradise after being fired from his previous job in Los Angeles due to alcohol abuse. While trying to adjust to his new life and job, he investigates the murder of an elderly couple and uncovers a shady land deal that could be connected to it somehow.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)
This movie sees Jesse investigating another murder case while dealing with personal issues stemming from his life in Los Angeles. This time, he must investigate the death of a young girl whose body was found near an abandoned amusement park. With help from his colleagues at the Paradise police department, Jesse uncovers a shocking chain of events leading up to her death that reveals corruption within the local government and beyond.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)
In Sea Change, we see Jesse investigating another murder case involving a woman whose body was found on the shoreline near Paradise Beach Motel. As usual, he quickly finds himself entangled in something much bigger than just one murder—this time involving international intrigue and blackmail schemes that ensnare both members of local government and wealthy citizens alike!

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)
In Thin Ice, we follow Jesse into yet another investigation involving multiple murders occurring within Paradise’s town limits—this time involving some high-profile individuals at its center! As usual, for any good mystery movie, we are left guessing until its very end who is responsible for these gruesome crimes and why they did what they did, making Thin Ice an exciting ride from start to finish!

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)
No Remorse sees our hero investigating yet another murder case involving prominent figures within Paradise’s town limits. Still, this time, things take quite a different turn when someone close to him gets caught up in it all! With danger closing in on both sides, can our hero save himself and those around him? This movie certainly doesn’t shy away from providing plenty of action-packed scenes throughout its runtime, which adds further suspenseful elements, making No Remorse one hell of a ride!

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)
In Innocents Lost, we follow our hero yet again as he attempts to solve another case involving two teenage girls going missing within Paradise’s town limits—but this time, things get even more complicated due to their close ties with some powerful figures within local government! With plenty at stake, can our hero figure out what happened before it’s too late? The suspenseful elements provided by Innocents Lost make it yet another thrilling entry into this classic series, keeping us guessing until its gripping conclusion arrives!

Jesse Stone: Benefit Of The Doubt (2012)
Benefit Of The Doubt sees our hero returning once again – now retired – when rumors start swirling about corruption within local government officials regarding shady land deals occurring near Paradise Beach Motel where bodies have been turning up dead without explanation or closure… Can our hero return again after retirement, or will questions remain unanswered? With great performances by Tom Selleck and other cast members, Benefit Of The Doubt is sure not to disappoint viewers looking for intense crime thrillers!

Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise (2015)
Lost In Paradise follows our beloved ex-police chief after he has decided to join forces with private investigator Sunny Randall – played by Laura Linney – when her client goes missing under mysterious circumstances… Will they be able to find out what happened before it’s too late, or will they find themselves lost amidst their own investigation? This installment provides viewers with plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments throughout, leaving them wanting longer after it’s done A great finish for such an iconic franchise!

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