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Jared Leto’s Movies: 10 Essential Films You Have to See

The Academy Award-winning actor, singer, and producer Jared Leto has been an iconic figure in the entertainment industry for over two decades. From his breakthrough role in “Requiem For A Dream” to his critically acclaimed performances in “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Blade Runner 2049” and “Suicide Squad”, Leto has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Here are 10 essential films featuring Jared Leto you have to see.

Jared Leto movies

1. Requiem for a Dream (2000) Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this powerful drama follows four characters who, in pursuit of their dreams, spiral into a world of drug addiction and despair. Leto delivers an intense performance as Harry Goldfarb, a heroin addict with his sights set on becoming a successful drug dealer.

2. Panic Room (2002) In this intense thriller from David Fincher, Leto plays the mysterious burn victim “Raoul” who attempts to break into the panic room of Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart). It is up to them to outwit him before he can take what he wants. Leto delivers an unforgettable performance in this relentless film.

3. Chapter 27 (2007) In J.P. Schaefer’s biographical drama, Leto plays Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon in 1980. His intense transformation into Chapman is remarkable, and he delivers a chilling performance that will leave you haunted for days afterward.

4. Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, this powerful drama follows Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) as he smuggles medicine across states and countries to those with HIV/AIDS. Leto stars alongside McConaughey and gives an Oscar-winning performance as Rayon, a transgender woman living with AIDS who helps Ron in his mission.

5. Suicide Squad (2016) In this comic book adaptation from David Ayer, Leto stars as The Joker, the iconic villain of Batman’s world. His take on the character is unique and fresh, and it is unlike any other portrayal of The Joker we have seen before. He earned critical acclaim for his performance and even gained an MTV Movie Award.

6. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) In Denis Villeneuve’s sequel to the 1982 classic, Leto plays Niander Wallace, a mysterious replicant manufacturer who seeks to control the future of humanity with his advanced technology. His performance is both menacing and captivating, and he brings a new level of depth to the world of Blade Runner.

7. The Little Things (2021) In this neo-noir thriller from John Lee Hancock, Leto plays a mysterious drifter who may be connected to a series of murders. As the two detectives hunt him down, Denzel Washington and Rami Malek realize they are more alike than they initially thought, and Leto’s performance becomes increasingly complex and intense.

8. The Outsider (2020) In this action thriller from Martin Zandvliet, Leto stars as Nick Lowell, an American soldier sent to post-war Japan in search of his father’s killer. He gets wrapped up in the criminal underworld of Tokyo and must fight for survival.

9. Mr. Nobody (2009) In this science fiction drama from Jaco Van Dormael, Leto stars as Nemo Nobody, a 118-year-old man who is the last mortal on Earth after humanity has achieved near immortality. As he recalls his life story, Leto brings depth and emotion to the role that will stay with you long after the film ends.

10. Lords of Dogtown (2005)Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, this coming-of-age drama follows a group of skateboarders in Venice, California, in the 1970s. Leto stars as Skip Engblom, their mentor, and owner of Z-Boys Skateboards. His performance here is lighthearted and endearing, showing another side to his acting abilities.

Jared Leto has an impressive list of films under his belt. With titles ranging from intense thrillers to science fiction dramas, he has truly showcased himself as a versatile actor who can take on any role with great skill and commitment. Whether it’s playing The Joker in Suicide Squad or Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27, Leto always gives authentic performances that capture our attention. From Panic Room to Blade Runner 2049, these are the 10 best Jared Leto movies you can watch today.

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