How to watch The Red King in Canada on UKTV Play

How to watch The Red King in Canada on UKTV Play

The debut of The Red King marks a striking addition to the landscape of television, particularly for enthusiasts of mystery and crime dramas. Set against the backdrop of the small, antiquated island of St. Jory, the show introduces us to Grace Narayan, a police sergeant who finds herself relegated to what many might consider a career-ending assignment. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly tranquil island lurk mysteries that stretch far back into its eerie past. As Grace delves deeper, she encounters a cold case that might just breathe new life into her dwindling career.

The Red King series 1 is exclusively accessible on Alibi via UKTV Play in the UK. For viewers in Canada eager to enjoy this show, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how to access it seamlessly using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

How to watch The Red King in Canada

To effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions and stream ‘The Red King’ on UKTV Play from Canada, follow these easy steps using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a UK-based server.
  4. Open UKTV Play website, then log in or sign up for a new account.
  5. Finally, you are all set to watch The Red King in Canada.

The Red King Synopsis

What is The Red King Season 1 about?

The series kicks off with Grace Narayan being dispatched to St. Jory as a form of punishment. However, what was meant to sideline her career soon turns into an intriguing investigation into the disappearance of a teenage boy, Cai. The island, with its strange cult history and colorful local characters, presents more than just a professional challenge. Each episode builds on this intricate puzzle, revealing secrets that are as dark as they are compelling. Grace must navigate through limited evidence and the island’s ominous backdrop to uncover truths that many have tried to bury.

When does The Red King premiere?

The Red King Season 1 Release Date

The first series of The Red King premieres on April 24, 2024, at 9 PM (GMT). It will air exclusively on Alibi Channel and will be available for streaming on UKTV Play for free.

The Red King Cast

Who is in the cast of The Red King Season 1?

  • Anjli Mohindra as Grace Narayan.
  • Jill Halfpenny as DCI Ann Fletcher.
  • Adjoa Andoh as Lady Heather Nancarrow.
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Gruffudd Prosser.
  • Lu Corfield as Lowri Bain.
  • Sam Swainsbury as Father Douglas Carrisford.
  • Marc Warren as Dr. Ian Prideaux.

How many episodes does The Red King have?

The Red King is crafted into a tightly-knit season of six episodes.

The Red King Season 1 Episode Guide

  • Episode 1 – April 24, 2024: A police sergeant’s punishment posting to a rural island with a mysterious religion reopens a cold case, threatening to uncover long-buried secrets.
  • Episode 2 – May 1, 2024: A dead body discovered; Grace is convinced something sinister is at play – but mainland police disagree. Is Cai’s death accidental? Or is there a murderer loose on St. Jory?
  • Episode 3 – May 8, 2024: The Widow’s Wail, an almighty, annual storm, brings the islanders to the village hall for fun and refuge. Trapped inside, Grace is on edge – could Cai’s murderer be amongst them?
  • Episode 4 – May 15, 2024: The word is out – the True Way were involved in Cai’s death. As the island reels, an obvious suspect emerges… but are Grace’s theories about to be turned on their head?
  • Episode 5 – May 22, 2024: After ruling out the True Way, Grace turns her suspicions to Gruffudd. But the island seems to be galvanising for something else.
  • Episode 6 – May 29, 2024: With Cai’s killer caught, the True Way takes control of St Jory, threatening their own form of violent justice. Can Grace restore order or will she fall victim to the chaos?

Where to Watch The Red King in Canada?

As of April 24, 2024, The Red King isn’t available for viewing on any platforms in Canada.

How Can I Watch The Red King in Canada?

To stream The Red King season 1 on UKTV’s free on-demand service, UKTV Play, from in Canada, use a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN. This tool helps overcome geographical restrictions, ensuring a secure and seamless viewing experience.

Can I watch The Red King online for free?

Yes, you can stream The Red King at no cost via UKTV’s free on-demand service, UKTV Play, accessible within the UK. For viewers located outside the UK, a VPN is required to access this content.

Why to Watch The Red King

  • Rich Character Development: Watch characters evolve as the story unfolds, offering deep dives into their pasts and complex motivations.
  • Stunning Visuals: St. Jory’s landscapes are beautifully menacing, setting the perfect stage for a folk-horror tale.
  • Superb Acting: The cast delivers powerful performances that bring this chilling story to life.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Each episode carefully builds suspense and keeps you guessing, making it impossible to stop watching.

The Red King Trailer

You can access the official trailer of The Red King here:

The Red King FAQ

  • Why is The Red King not available in Canada?
    Content licensing and geographical restrictions often limit where shows like The Red King can be aired.
  • Can I watch UKTV Play abroad?
    Yes, you can watch UKTV Play from any location using ExpressVPN, which ensures you have access to your favorite shows no matter where you are.
  • Can I stream The Red King on Netflix?
    Currently, The Red King is not available on Netflix in the UK. Check local listings and streaming services like UKTV Play for access.
  • What makes The Red King unique?
    This series combines the intrigue of a crime mystery with the dark allure of folk horror, set against the haunting backdrop of an isolated island.

Watch The Red King Season 1 online in Canada

To watch The Red King season 1 from in Canada, utilize ExpressVPN to connect to a server in the UK. Then, access UKTV Play to stream the show. This approach not only allows you to watch “The Red King” but also provides a versatile method to access a wide range of content otherwise restricted due to geographical limitations.

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