How to watch Sirens in Canada on Hulu

How to watch Sirens in Canada on Hulu

Sirens, unveiled in 2014, is a comedic gem that showcases the unpredictable world of three Chicago EMTs. Even with their somewhat narcissistic quirks, their unparalleled skill in life-saving situations shines through. This series masterfully weaves humor and heroics, making it a captivating watch.

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Sirens Synopsis

“Sirens” is a comedy series centered on three unique Chicago EMTs. Even with their evident self-centered quirks, their exceptional talent in life-saving situations stands out. For viewers seeking a blend of humor and heroism, this show delivers.

Sirens Cast

Dive into the world of “Sirens” with a standout cast including Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels, Kevin Bigley, Jessica McNamee, Bill Nunn, and Josh Segarra. This series masterfully melds comedy and drama, illuminating the lives of Chicago EMTs as they juggle the demands of their profession and personal tribulations.

Central to the storyline is Johnny, played by Michael Mosley, the seasoned EMT guiding his team. His sidekick, Hank (Kevin Daniels), was once a baseball star but now finds his calling in EMS. Meanwhile, Brian, depicted by Kevin Bigley, epitomizes the wide-eyed newbie EMT, while Jessica McNamee’s portrayal of Theresa—the team’s sole female EMT and paramedic—adds depth, serving not only as a professional counterpart but also Johnny’s romantic interest. Each character’s journey in the series is intricately detailed, making them deeply relatable, engaging, and authentically human to the viewers.

When does Sirens Premiere?

The “Sirens” series kicked off its first season on March 6, 2014, and wrapped up its final chapter on April 14, 2015.

How many episodes does Sirens have?

“Sirens”, an enthralling series, humorously depicts the life and adventures of three EMTs from Chicago, each distinctly characterized by their unique strengths and flaws. Here’s a comprehensive episode guide for each season:

Season 1

  • Episode 1: Pilot – March 6, 2014
    Brian’s EMT debut coincides with Johnny’s unexpected reunion with Theresa post-breakup. Hank deliberates over emergency contacts with pals.
  • Episode 2: A Bitch Named Karma – March 6, 2014
    A lightning incident spurs a team discussion about the injustice of ailments. A tempting offer conflicts with their CPR class commitment.
  • Episode 3: Rachel McAdams Topless – March 13, 2014
    A plea to clear a patient’s browser history leads to a disturbing find, leaving a lasting impact.
  • Episode 4: Famous Last Words – March 20, 2014
    A passing soul propels Johnny to reconnect with his estranged father, while Brian is moved by the man’s final utterance.
  • Episode 5: Alcohol Related Injury – March 27, 2014
    Post a boisterous night, Theresa offers a laid-back relationship to Johnny, which his friends champion.
  • Episode 6: The Finger – April 3, 2014
    Johnny unveils Theresa to his father, leading to a startling revelation. Brian struggles with newfound feelings for a colleague.
  • Episode 7: Till Jeff Do Us Part – April 10, 2014
    Hank’s ex’s wedding invitation stirs emotions. Theresa faces a wedding challenge, while Brian discovers a talent.
  • Episode 8: Itsy Bitsy Spider – April 17, 2014
    Hank’s spider fear and Brian’s doppelganger sighting spark introspection and reprisal pranks.
  • Episode 9: There’s No “I” in Cream – April 24, 2014
    The crew’s EMT training reflects a spectrum of incidents. Johnny investigates a missing donut mystery.
  • Episode 10: Shotgun Wedding – May 1, 2014
    An on-job hazard pushes Theresa towards a major decision, with Johnny resorting to a proposal.

Season 2

  • Episode 1: Superdick – January 27, 2015
    A landlord’s rescue stirs Johnny’s housing aspirations. Brian’s bond with Voodoo evolves, and Hank ponders romance.
  • Episode 2: Johnny Nightingale – January 27, 2015
    Johnny manages a grateful patient. Brian’s prom venture with an injured lady sets unforeseen events in motion.
  • Episode 3: Briandipity – February 3, 2015
    Themes of destiny emerge, especially with Johnny and Theresa’s origin story.
  • Episode 4: Transcendual – February 3, 2015
    The crew gains an elite gym entry after a rescue, while Brian confronts identity issues.
  • Episode 5: All the Single Ladies – February 10, 2015
    Brian’s first night shift leads to unforeseen drama, involving a sleepover.
  • Episode 6: Screw the One Percent – February 24, 2015
    Johnny’s wealthy biases are tested. Brian’s heartache and Voodoo’s affairs intertwine.
  • Episode 7: Let Pythons Be Pythons – March 3, 2015
    A firehouse crash and a shopping spree with Theresa and Maeve lead to pandemonium.
  • Episode 8: Hypocritical Oath – March 10, 2015
    The crew’s mobster rescue alters rig dynamics and leads to a pony hunt.
  • Episode 9: Charbroiled – March 17, 2015
    A sports fan altercation disrupts a family event, spurring a grill and punch bowl debate.
  • Episode 10: Balls – March 24, 2015
    A tennis match takes a twist. Birthday plans and ride-alongs ensue.
  • Episode 11: Six Feet Over/Under – March 31, 2015
    Johnny confronts loss and past debts as his father’s health declines.
  • Episode 12: No Love – April 7, 2015
    A quest for EMT respect ensues. The team grapples with a persistent tune.
  • Episode 13: Sub-Primal Fears – April 14, 2015
    Hospital phobias arise, pushing Brian and Johnny to face personal apprehensions.

Sirens Trailer

Dive into the comedic series spotlighting the unique adventures of three Chicago EMTs. Their journey, laden with self-centered and self-destructive behaviors, is contrasted by their unparalleled abilities in life-saving. An unmatched blend of humor and heroics awaits.

Start Watching Sirens Now

Start Watching Sirens Now!

Dive deep into the bustling streets of Chicago with Sirens, a riveting comedic series. Follow the thrilling escapades of three unique EMTs, each juggling their personal quirks while showcasing an unmatched knack for life-saving heroics. As they navigate through challenges with a mix of humor and valor, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable binge-watching experience.

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