How to watch Rock Paper Scissors in the US on Paramount+

How to watch Rock Paper Scissors in Canada on FuboTV 

Season 1 of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ is available on Paramount+ in the UK, Australia, and other regions. In the US, you can stream ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ on Paramount+ using a VPN. Here’s how to do it:

How to watch Rock Paper Scissors in the US on Paramount Plus

With a VPN in 5 easy steps, It is possible to watch Rock Paper Scissors in the US on Paramount+.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia or the UK.
  4. Open Paramount+ website or launch its app, then log in or sign up for a new account.
  5. You are all set to watch Rock Paper Scissors in the US!

Rock Paper Scissors Synopsis

What is Rock Paper Scissors about?

Dive into the heart of Scissorsville with Rock Paper Scissors, where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold. This animated series brings to life the escapades of three inseparable friends – Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Their world is one of laughter, challenges, and the occasional chaos, making every episode a treasure trove of entertainment. From epic battles at the local playground to the trials of true friendship, this trio is always ready to face whatever comes their way. But beware, for not all is smooth in Scissorsville. The presence of Pencil, the sharp-witted frenemy, and Sandpaper, the abrasive neighbor, ensures there’s never a dull moment in this animated marvel.

Rock Paper Scissors Cast

Who is in the cast of Rock Paper Scissors?

  • Ron Funches as Rock: The solid foundation of the trio, Rock’s unwavering spirit and loyalty make him a character to cherish.
  • Thomas Lennon as Paper: With a flair for creativity and the voice of reason, Paper adds depth and wisdom to the group.
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Scissors: The sharp and spirited Scissors cuts through boredom, bringing energy and excitement to every moment.
  • Melissa Villaseñor as Pencil: The sharp-witted frenemy whose presence adds complexity to the friendships.
  • Ray Chase as Logan, Brody, Brogan, Dirf the Rat Bros: A versatile talent bringing multiple characters to life, adding layers to the narrative.
  • Eddie Pepitone as Lou: The larger-than-life character whose antics are a source of constant amusement.
  • Lauren Ash as Sandpaper: The abrasive neighbor who ensures life in Scissorsville is never too smooth.
  • Diedrich Bader as Chad Brockchad: A character that adds a unique charm and challenge to the trio’s adventures.
  • Betsy Sodaro as Potato: The unexpected friend with a heart as big as her humor.

How many episodes does Rock, Paper, Scissors have?

Rock Paper Scissors Episode Guide

  1. Scissors Gets a Job – A comedic yet insightful look into Scissors’ unexpected venture into the workforce, revealing the complexities hidden in seemingly simple tasks.
  2. Paper’s Big Lie – Paper finds himself tangled in a web of his own making, leading to a series of misadventures that test the bonds of friendship.
  3. Pogo Sticks – An episode filled with ups and downs, literally, as the trio discovers the joys and perils of pogo sticks, metaphorically bouncing through life’s hurdles.
  4. Car Wash – A splashy, sudsy adventure where teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit take center stage, cleaning up more than just cars.
  5. Putty – This episode stretches the imagination, exploring how something as malleable as putty can solidify friendships and reshape perspectives.
  6. Weekend Story – A weekend escapade that offers a break from the norm, highlighting the unexpected adventures that can unfold in the most ordinary of times.
  7. Hide and Seek – A playful yet poignant reminder of the importance of being seen and finding oneself amidst the chaos of life.

Where to watch Rock Paper Scissors in the US?

Season 1 of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ is available to stream on fuboTV in the US. You can also stream Rock Paper Scissors on Paramount+ using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Why to Watch Rock Paper Scissors

  • Innovative Storytelling: The show takes a simple game and transforms it into a rich narrative, exploring the dynamics between Rock, Paper, and Scissors in a way never seen before. Their adventures in Scissorsville are filled with humor, challenges, and lessons on friendship.
  • Relatable Characters: Each character, from the main trio to the supporting cast, is crafted with depth and personality. Viewers will find themselves relating to their struggles, victories, and the peculiarities of their friendships.
  • Stellar Voice Cast: The series boasts an impressive voice cast, including Ron Funches, Thomas Lennon, and Carlos Alazraqui, bringing these animated characters to life with charm and wit.
  • Universal Themes: At its core, Rock Paper Scissors delves into themes of friendship, acceptance, and the beauty of diversity. It’s a celebration of how differences can bring us closer and make our experiences richer.
  • High-Quality Animation: The animation quality is top-notch, with vibrant visuals that bring the quirky world of Scissorsville to life. It’s a visual treat that complements the show’s storytelling and humor.

Rock Paper Scissors Trailer

Here’s the official trailer of Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors FAQ

  • Can I stream Rock Paper Scissors on Netflix?
    Rock Paper Scissors is not available on Netflix.
  • Is Rock Paper Scissors suitable for all ages?
    Absolutely! The series is designed to entertain viewers of all ages with its light-hearted humor and relatable characters.

Watch Rock Paper Scissors online in the US

Viewers in the US can watch ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ streaming on Fubo TV. If you want to watch it on Paramount+, you can do so by using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

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