How to watch London Misal in the UK on Amazon Prime Video

How to watch London Misal in the UK on Amazon Prime Video

London Misal is not just a film; it’s a journey into the lives of two sisters who, in pursuit of their father’s dream, embark on an unconventional path. Disguised as boys, they find themselves in a boys’ hostel, navigating a world that’s both foreign and familiar. The backdrop of London, with its blend of tradition and modernity, adds a layer of intrigue to their adventure. The city, known for its resilience and diversity, mirrors the sisters’ own journey of self-discovery and determination.

London Misal is exclusively accessible on Amazon Prime Video in India. For viewers in the UK eager to enjoy this movie, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how to access it seamlessly using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

How to watch London Misal in the UK

Here is the answer in 5 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to an India-based server.
  4. Open Amazon Prime website, then log in or sign up for a new account.
  5. Finally, you can watch London Misal in the UK right now!

London Misal Synopsis

What is London Misal about?

In London Misal, we are introduced to a drama that weaves together the aspirations, challenges, and resilience of two sisters in London. Tasked with fulfilling their father’s dream, they adopt disguises as boys, plunging into a life at a boys’ hostel. This setting, owned by a Maharashtrian, becomes the stage for their trials and triumphs. The film’s essence lies in its exploration of identity, family bonds, and the lengths one would go to for loved ones. London Misal stands out for its unique premise, setting it apart in the realm of cinematic storytelling.

London Misal OTT Release Date

The much-awaited London Misal airs on February 22, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (India).

London Misal Cast

Who is in the cast of London Misal?

  • Gaurav More: A pivotal figure in the narrative, bringing depth and nuance to the unfolding drama.
  • Bharat Jadhav: Known for his versatility, Jadhav adds a layer of complexity to the film’s rich tapestry.
  • Shubham Wankhede: Brings a fresh energy to the screen, contributing to the film’s dynamic ensemble.
  • Gandhar Babre: His performance adds a unique flavor to the storyline, enriching the narrative.
  • Rahul Vijay: Together, they form a duo that adds both tension and humor to the plot.
  • Rutuja Bagwe: Her portrayal is central to the film’s emotional core, navigating through the challenges with grace.
  • Isabelle Bernardo: Adds an international dimension to the cast, bridging cultures within the film’s storyline.

Where to watch London Misal in the UK?

London Misal is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video (India). With ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly stream the movie from the UK, transcending geographical restrictions for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How can I watch London Misal in the UK?

You can watch London Misal on Prime Video in the UK. However, to ensure uninterrupted access and overcome any potential geo-restrictions, use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. It provides a seamless viewing experience by connecting you to servers where the movie is available.

Why to Watch London Misal

  • Unique Storyline: The film presents a fresh narrative, exploring the lengths to which two sisters go to fulfill their father’s dream. Disguised as boys in a London hostel, their journey is filled with challenges, laughter, and life lessons.
  • Cultural Fusion: Set against the vibrant backdrop of London, the film beautifully blends Maharashtrian culture.
  • Stellar Performances: The cast, led by talents like Gaurav More and Bharat Jadhav, deliver performances that are both authentic and captivating.
  • Direction and Music: Jalindar Kumbhar’s direction is a testament to storytelling that touches the heart.
  • Empowering Narrative: At its core, London Misal is a powerful narrative of female empowerment.

London Misal Trailer

Here is the official trailer of London Misal.

London Misal FAQ

  1. Why is London Misal not available in the UK?
    • Due to regional licensing agreements, London Misal might not be directly accessible in the UK. Using ExpressVPN can help bypass these geo-restrictions.
  2. Is London Misal suitable for all ages?
    • Rated U/A 13+, London Misal is suitable for viewers over the age of 13, offering a family-friendly viewing experience.
  3. How can I get updates on London Misal?
    • Stay tuned to official streaming platforms and movie news websites for the latest updates on London Misal.

Watch London Misal Online in the UK

Viewers in the UK can watch London Misal, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video (India), by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Simply connect to an Indian server, and you’ll have access to the movie as if you were in India.

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