How to watch Lift (2023) in the UK on Paramount Plus

How to watch Lift (2023) in the UK on Paramount Plus

The New York Theatre Ballet’s LIFT program emerges as a transformative force, offering scholarships to children grappling with the harsh realities of homelessness. This initiative isn’t merely about teaching dance; it’s a lifeline, pulling these young souls from the shadows of invisibility into the spotlight of classical ballet. Through the disciplined and graceful world of dance, these children find a platform to express themselves, to grow, and to dream beyond the confines of their current circumstances.

Navigating the complexities of life’s challenges, these aspiring dancers embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment under the guidance of dedicated mentors. For those of us yearning to witness this inspiring story but facing geographical constraints, fear not. ExpressVPN stands as your gateway to this world, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can immerse yourself in the transformative journey of LIFT.

How to watch Lift (2023) in the UK

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a Canada-based server.
  4. Open Paramount+ website, then log in or sign up for a new account.
  5. Voilà, you are all set to watch Lift (2023) in the UK right now!

Lift Synopsis

What is Lift about?

Lift delves into the poignant narrative of young, homeless, and home-insecure ballet dancers in the vibrant city of New York. Under the nurturing wing of a mentor, these individuals embark on a transformative journey. The documentary shines a light on the often-overlooked issue of homelessness, offering a unique perspective through the lens of dance and resilience. It’s a tale of hope, struggle, and the unyielding spirit of youth, set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

When does Lift premiere?

Lift Air Date

The documentary Lift airs on February 22, 2024, exclusively on Paramount Plus (Canada).

Lift Cast

Who is in the cast of Lift?

  • Victor Abreu & Sharia Blockwood: Both bring their personal experiences to the screen.
  • Diana Byer & Yolanssie Cardona: As mentors and guides, they play pivotal roles in nurturing the talents and spirits of these young dancers.
  • Tiffany Cordero & Izzy Hanson-Johnston: Their stories add depth to the documentary, highlighting the diverse backgrounds.
  • Steven Melendez, Keilany Rivera, Keliel Sierra, Rebecca Snow: Each cast member contributes their unique narrative to the rich tapestry of Lift.

Where to watch Lift in the UK?

Lift is exclusively available on Paramount+ (Canada). With ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly stream the series from the UK, transcending geographical restrictions for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How can I watch Lift in the UK?

To watch Lift in the UK, ensure you have a subscription to Paramount+ and a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. This combination will provide you with unrestricted access to the show, bypassing any geographical limitations.

Why to Watch Lift

  • Inspiring Journey: Witness the transformative power of ballet in the lives of young individuals facing the adversities of homelessness.
  • Cultural Insight: Delve into the vibrant world of New York City’s ballet scene, exploring the rich tapestry of culture.
  • Human Connection: At its core, Lift is about the bonds we forge in the face of adversity, highlighting the mentorship and friendships.
  • Artistic Expression: The documentary beautifully captures the grace and discipline of ballet, serving as a visual feast.
  • Social Awareness: By bringing the issue of homelessness to the forefront through a unique lens.

Lift Trailer

Here is the official trailer.

Lift FAQ

  1. Why is Lift not available in the UK?
    • Due to regional licensing agreements, Lift may not be directly accessible in all countries. Using a reliable VPN can help bypass these restrictions.
  2. Can I watch Lift on Paramount+ abroad?
    • Yes, with ExpressVPN, you can access Paramount+ offer Lift, ensuring you don’t miss this inspiring documentary no matter where you are.
  3. How does Lift address the issue of homelessness?
    • Lift offers a poignant look at homelessness through the lens of ballet, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of young dancers in New York City.
  4. What makes Lift unique among documentaries?
    • Its focus on ballet as a transformative tool for homeless youth sets Lift apart, offering a fresh perspective on social issues and the arts.

Watch Lift Documentary Online in the UK

Viewers in the UK can watch Lift Documentary on Paramount+ (formerly known as CBS All Access), by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Simply connect to a Canadian server, and you’ll have access to the documentary as if you were in Canada.

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How to watch Lift (2023) on Paramount Plus

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