How to watch Forest Of The Missing in the US on SBS for free

How to watch Forest Of The Missing in the US on SBS for free

Forest of the Missing plunges you headfirst into a tantalizing whirlpool of secrets and tension. In a chilling narrative, a startling mass grave near the French-German frontier unfurls links to the enigmatic Judge Camille Hartmann. The Black Forest’s eerie silence and a shared military base frame the story, as sleuths grapple with age-old enigmas and buried truths.

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Step-by-Step: How to watch Forest Of The Missing in the US on SBS for free using a VPN

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Forest Of The Missing Synopsis

Forest of the Missing unfolds on the cusp of France and Germany, deep within the enigmatic Black Forest and amid a mutual military base. The plot thickens with a harrowing find: twelve bodies buried in a mass grave, all traces of French and German men vanished for over three decades. Central to this intrigue is Judge Camille Hartmann, intimately tied to the case, but a recent car crash has wiped her memories of these events.

Teamed with an eager German cop and a seasoned investigator, Camille delves deep to decipher the murders and reconnect with her eclipsed past. As they unearth the layers, it becomes clear they’re revealing not just the case’s veiled truths, but also the fragments of Camille’s concealed history.

Forest Of The Missing Cast

Forest of the Missing showcases a stellar cast, skillfully weaving a tapestry of rich performances that breathe life into the narrative. Leading the ensemble, Hélène de Fougerolles dazzles as the central figure, Camille Hartmann. By her side, Grégory Fitoussi masterfully steps into Erik Maes’ shoes, while the seasoned Tchéky Karyo takes on the layered character of Franz Agerland. Thierry Godard shines as Marc Hartmann, and the suspense deepens with Astrid Whettnall’s captivating act as Birgit Scholtz, complemented by Victoria Eber’s portrayal of Iris Hartmann.

Adding to the show’s allure are notable performances by Léo Mazo, Thomas Montal, Natalia Dontcheva, Sébastien Libessart, Laëtitia Eïdo, Aurore Broutin, and Flavien Reppert. Each artist’s unique rendition elevates the series, cementing Forest of the Missing as an enthralling tale not to be missed.

When does Forest Of The Missing premiere?

Forest of the Missing, spanning its captivating four episodes, is set to premiere exclusively on SBS starting Thursday, August 24th.

How many episodes does Forest Of The Missing have?

Forest Of The Missing Episode Guide:

Episode 1: A chilling revelation kicks off the series when a mass grave with twelve bodies emerges. The threads of fate tie them to Judge Camille, plagued by amnesia from a car mishap. Joining the probe are French officer Franz Agerland and the spirited German cop, Erik Maes.

Episode 2: The search intensifies as Camille and Erik track down Thomas Montal. Despite growing evidence, Camille remains skeptical of her daughter’s boyfriend’s ties. Meanwhile, the painstaking process of identifying the deceased takes shape, leading to an intense interrogation of Jeanne Montal.

Episode 3: Stepping into the limelight, Camille spearheads a critical operation. The quest to name the souls from the mass grave unveils heart-wrenching tales spanning multiple decades.

Episode 4: The climax beckons as Camille’s shrouded history unravels. With the revelation of the first victim’s identity, Erik Maes and Franz Agerland edge closer to cracking the case wide open.

Forest Of The Missing Trailer

Regrettably, an official trailer for Forest of the Missing is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for updates!

Start Watching Forest Of The Missing Now

While the series unravels its gripping narrative over four compelling episodes, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. The mysterious Black Forest, a chilling mass grave, and the enigmatic Judge Camille Hartmann’s quest for truth promise a cinematic ride that’s both thrilling and evocative.

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