How to watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada on Roku for free

How to watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada on Roku for free

The first episode set the tone for what fans can expect – a mix of humor, surprise guest appearances, and behind-the-scenes antics. This refreshing format allows Dr. Phil to explore his comedic side, bringing a new dimension to his public persona. To enjoy this unique series from anywhere in the world, I recommend using ExpressVPN to bypass any geographical restrictions. This ensures you don’t miss out on the laughter and fun that Dr Phil LIVE! promises to deliver.

How to watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada

Here’s the answer with 5 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US-based server.
  4. Open Roku website, then login or sign up for a new account.
  5. Voilà, you are all set to watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada.

Dr Phil LIVE! Synopsis

What is Dr Phil LIVE! about?

Dr Phil LIVE! is an innovative comedy series that breaks away from the conventional talk show format. Hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw, it showcases his comedic talent in an unscripted setting. Filmed at the Comedy Store, the show is part of the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival. Each episode features Dr. Phil interacting with guest comedians, including Bert Kreischer and Mark Normand, providing a blend of humor and real-life anecdotes. The series offers a refreshing take on Dr. Phil’s persona, making it a must-watch for fans of comedy and unscripted entertainment. Dr Phil LIVE! captures the essence of live comedy with its spontaneous and unfiltered approach.

Dr Phil LIVE! Cast

Who is in the cast of Dr Phil LIVE?

  • Adam Ray: Known for his stand-up comedy and acting, Adam Ray brings his unique humor to the show.
  • Jeremiah Watkins: A regular at the Comedy Store, Jeremiah’s comedic talent shines in his interactions with Dr. Phil.
  • Bill Burr: A legendary comedian, Bill Burr adds a touch of his renowned humor to the series.
  • Anders Holm: Known for his roles in TV and film, Anders Holm provides a comedic touch to the live interactions.
  • Adam Devine: Brings his energetic and humorous style to the series.
  • Bobby Lee: Adds his unique comedic flair to the show.
  • Matt Rife: A rising star in comedy, Matt Rife’s performances are a highlight.
  • Andrew Santino: Known for his quick wit, Andrew Santino’s presence adds to the show’s dynamic.
  • Brad Williams: Brings his hilarious take on various topics to the stage.
  • Fahim Anwar: Adds his unique comedic perspective.
  • Nikki Glaser: Known for her sharp humor, Nikki Glaser is a standout guest.
  • Tiffany Haddish: Brings her bold and hilarious style to the show.
  • Whitney Cummings: Adds her witty humor and dynamic personality.
  • Pete Holmes: Known for his observational comedy, Pete Holmes is a notable guest.
  • Steph Tolev: Brings her energetic and quirky comedy style.
  • Anthony Jeselnik: Known for his dark humor, Anthony Jeselnik adds a unique twist.
  • Jelly Roll: Adds a musical and humorous element.
  • Shawn Stockman: Brings a blend of music and comedy.

How many episodes does Dr Phil LIVE! have?

Dr Phil LIVE! Episode Guide:

  • Episode 1: Dr. Phil LIVE! Premier – The series kicks off with Dr. Phil hosting a live show from the Comedy Store, featuring Bert Kreischer and Mark Normand.
  • Episode 2: The Unfiltered Truth – Dr. Phil dives into unscripted comedy, with guest appearances adding to the hilarity.
  • Episode 3: Comedy Gold – Featuring top comedians, this episode delivers nonstop laughter and behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Episode 4: Laughter Therapy – Dr. Phil and his guests explore the therapeutic power of humor.
  • Episode 5: Unexpected Guests – Surprise guest appearances make this episode a fan favorite.
  • Episode 6: The Roast – Dr. Phil gets roasted by his comedian friends, adding a new twist to the series.
  • Episode 7: Behind the Curtain – A look at the making of Dr Phil LIVE!, with candid moments and bloopers.
  • Episode 8: Finale – The season concludes with a bang, featuring a star-studded lineup and memorable moments.

Where to watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada?

Dr Phil LIVE! is available for streaming on The Roku Channel for free with ads in the US. However, viewers in Canada cannot watch it without a VPN. To bypass these geographical restrictions, use a reliable and top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN.

How can I watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada?

To watch Dr Phil LIVE! on The Roku Channel for free with ads, from Canada, it’s essential to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. This tool effortlessly overcomes geographical restrictions, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Can you watch Dr Phil LIVE! online free?

You can watch “Dr Phil LIVE!” for free on The Roku Channel for free, which includes ads and is available within the US. Viewers in Canada will need to use a VPN to access this content.

Why to Watch Dr Phil LIVE!

  • Unique Format: Unlike typical talk shows, Dr Phil LIVE! is unscripted and filmed live at the Comedy Store, adding an element of spontaneity and surprise.
  • Celebrity Guests: The show features a rotating cast of top comedians and celebrities, including Bert Kreischer and Mark Normand, who bring their unique humor and stories to the table.
  • Raw and Unfiltered Content: With no ads and uncut footage, viewers get an authentic experience of Dr. Phil’s comedic interactions.
  • Engaging and Entertaining: The combination of Dr. Phil’s wit and the lively environment of the Comedy Store creates an engaging and entertaining show that keeps audiences hooked.


  • Why is Dr Phil LIVE! not available in Canada?
    Due to regional licensing restrictions, Dr Phil LIVE! may not be accessible in certain countries. Using a VPN can help bypass these restrictions.
  • Can I watch The Roku Channel abroad?
    Yes, by using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can stream Dr Phil LIVE! on The Roku Channel from any location.
  • What are the special features of Dr Phil LIVE!?
    The show’s unique format, live filming at the Comedy Store, and the presence of top comedians make it stand out.

Watch Dr Phil LIVE! online in Canada for free

To watch Dr Phil LIVE! in Canada, you’ll need to use a VPN service. ExpressVPN is highly recommended for its reliability and speed. Connect to a server where The Roku Channel is available, and you can stream the show without any issues.

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