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1883 (2021 – 2022): The post-Civil war generation of the Dutton family travels to Texas, and joins a wagon train undertaking the arduous journey west to Oregon, before settling in Montana to establish what would eventually become the Yellowstone Ranch.

Step back in time to the rugged and untamed era of the American West in “1883.” This highly anticipated television series takes viewers on an epic journey through the treacherous landscapes and remarkable stories that shaped the frontier. From the creators of the critically acclaimed series “Yellowstone,” “1883” transports audiences to a bygone era, immersing them in the struggles, triumphs, and untold tales of pioneers and outlaws. Prepare to be captivated by the sweeping landscapes, gripping narratives, and exceptional performances that bring this extraordinary chapter in American history to life. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure as “1883” invites you to witness the birth of a nation amidst the harsh beauty of the Wild West.

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Cast of 1883

  1. Tim McGraw as James Dutton: McGraw portrays the patriarch of the Dutton family, a strong-willed and determined man who leads his family on a perilous journey to establish a new life in the West.
  1. Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton: Hill plays the matriarch of the Dutton family, a resilient and resourceful woman who supports her husband in their pursuit of a better future.
  1. Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan: Elliott portrays a seasoned cowboy and mentor figure who accompanies the Dutton family on their journey, providing guidance and wisdom in the harsh frontier.
  1. Isabel May as Elsa: May takes on the role of Elsa, a spirited young woman who seeks adventure and freedom in the Wild West, joining the Dutton family on their expedition.
  1. LaMonica Garrett as Thomas “Tom” Harte: Garrett portrays a skilled and disciplined former soldier who serves as a protector and guide for the Duttons during their challenging trek.
  1. Kelsey Asbille as Margaret “Grit” McAllister: Asbille plays a resilient and independent woman who faces her struggles in the unforgiving landscape of the American West.
  1. Denim Richards as Levi: Richards portrays Levi, a skilled horseman and member of the Dutton family who contributes his expertise to their journey.
  1. Rio Alexander as Henry: Alexander takes on the role of Henry, a courageous and resourceful cowboy who forms a bond with the Dutton family along the way.
  1. Eric Nelson as James “Jimmy” Wheeler: Nelson plays Jimmy, a young and eager cowboy who joins the Duttons’ expedition, seeking his fortune and purpose in the West.
  1. Billy Bob Thornton as Marshal Jim Courtright: Thornton appears as Marshal Courtright, a lawman who encounters the Duttons during their journey, bringing both challenges and opportunities.

Trailer for 1883

Where to watch 1883 for Free? 

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Plot for 1883

“1883” is a television series set in the late 19th century, following the Dutton family as they embark on a treacherous journey to establish a new life in the American West. Led by James Dutton (played by Tim McGraw) and his wife Margaret (played by Faith Hill), the family faces the rugged landscapes, harsh elements, and dangerous encounters that define the untamed frontier.

As they traverse through uncharted territories, the Duttons encounter a diverse range of characters who shape their journey. They form an unlikely alliance with Shea Brennan (played by Sam Elliott), a seasoned cowboy and mentor figure, who becomes an indispensable guide on their expedition. Along the way, they cross paths with Margaret “Grit” McAllister (played by Kelsey Asbille), a resilient and independent woman facing her challenges in the West.

The series explores the triumphs and struggles of the Dutton family as they confront adversities, including encounters with outlaws, conflicts with Native American tribes, and the unforgiving landscapes that test their resilience. Amidst the hardships, they find strength in their unity and determination to forge a new life.

Filming locations of 1883

  1. Montana, USA: Much like its predecessor “Yellowstone,” “1883” was primarily filmed on location in Montana. The vast and diverse landscapes of this state provided the perfect backdrop for the series, showcasing the untamed beauty of the West.
  1. Texas, USA: Some scenes of “1883” were filmed in various locations across Texas. The state’s diverse terrain, including deserts, canyons, and open plains, added depth and richness to the visuals of the series.
  1. New Mexico, USA: Parts of “1883” were filmed in New Mexico, another state known for its dramatic landscapes. The rugged mountains, wide-open spaces, and iconic southwestern vistas contributed to the authenticity of the Wild West setting.
  1. Colorado, USA: Certain scenes of “1883” were shot in Colorado, taking advantage of the state’s majestic mountains and stunning natural scenery. The picturesque locations added to the visual grandeur of the series.

Viewer’s Reaction to 1883

Review for 1883

“1883” is an enthralling television series that takes viewers on a riveting journey into the untamed landscapes and gripping narratives of the American West. With its compelling storytelling, breathtaking cinematography, and outstanding performances, “1883” offers a captivating viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

From the creators of the critically acclaimed series “Yellowstone,” “1883” excels in capturing the essence of the late 19th century, portraying the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of pioneers and outlaws seeking a better life in the frontier. The attention to historical detail, set design, and costumes immerse you in a bygone era, transporting you back to a time of rugged landscapes, harsh conditions, and relentless pursuit of dreams.


 Is “1883” related to the series “Yellowstone”?

 Yes, “1883” is a prequel to the popular series “Yellowstone.” Both shows are created by Taylor Sheridan and explore the same universe. “1883” serves as a backstory, delving into the origins of the Dutton family and the challenges they faced in establishing their legacy.

 Can I watch “1883” without watching “Yellowstone”?

 Yes, “1883” can be enjoyed as a standalone series without having watched “Yellowstone.” While it serves as a prequel, it offers its own unique story and characters that can be appreciated independently.

Is it worth watching? 

Compelling Storytelling: “1883” offers a captivating narrative that immerses viewers in the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of life in the American West during the late 19th century. The series delves into themes of family, survival, love, and the clash of cultures, creating a rich and engaging storyline.

Stellar Cast: With talented actors such as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and many more, “1883” boasts a stellar cast that delivers powerful performances. The actors bring depth and authenticity to their characters, making it easy for viewers to connect with and invest in their stories.

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