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The Must-See Comedy Grandma’s Boy: A Review

Grandma’s Boy (2006): A thirty-five-year-old video game tester has to move in with his grandma and her two old lady roommates.

Grandma’s Boy (2006) is a broad comedy film written by Nick Swardson, Allen Covert, and Barry Wernick and directed by Nicholaus Goossen. It stars a goofy cast of characters played by Allen Covert, Doris Roberts, Linda Cardellini, and Shirley Jones, among other talented actors. The film centers around Alex (Covert), a 35-year-old who gets evicted from his apartment and is forced to move in with his grandma (Roberts) and two of her elderly friends (Jones, Thelma). This tickled film follows Alex’s hilarious journey as he navigates his living situation, career aspirations, and love life.

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Plot Summary

Commencing the narrative, we encounter Alex, a game evaluator employed by a prominent video game corporation. Alex’s profound affinity for video games harmonizes with his professional satisfaction. Nevertheless, his lifestyle veers into unsustainable terrain, culminating in his apartment’s eviction. Confronted with limited alternatives, he seeks refuge under the roof of his grandmother, Lilly—enacted by the venerable Doris Roberts. Eager anticipation accompanies this new chapter, yet the initial thrill transforms swiftly into a realization: his once-compact “bachelor pad” has seamlessly transitioned into a realm of seasoned ladies, fostering a countercultural environment akin to free-spirited hippies. An unforeseen dichotomy emerges as these older women, steadfast in their resolve, embark on a mission to redefine Alex’s existence into an unforeseen labyrinth of challenges. He adds to the chaos by finding himself in a love triangle between his attractive new coworker, Samantha (Cardellini), and his lead boss, Jamal (Joel Moore).

Alex’s story of trying to assimilate his grandma and her friends with his video game world turns this tale into an outrageously funny movie. As he deals with his new kooky home, he finds himself working on the new and extremely ambitious project “The Snackimal,” a revolutionary 3D video game project that will surely be the new big hit. The film then follows Alex’s journey of trying to prove himself at work and reconcile his living situation with his professional dreams.


Grandma’s Boy is a broad comedy centered around Alex’s awkward and often absurd situations. The humor is off the charts from when he sets foot in the house with Grandma. Allen Covert is the perfect actor to embody Alex’s “geekiness,” as his comedic timing and delivery are ideal for the role. While the jokes are sometimes over-the-top and a little outdated, the good writing and laughs from the ensemble cast of “elderly ladies” make up for a purely enjoyable experience.

Adding to the movie’s delightful humor is its clever embrace of metacommentary, where numerous jests playfully taunt contemporary culture, particularly the realm of movie trailers. These comedic gems pay homage to timeless cinematic creations, weaving a tapestry of references culminating in uproarious “callbacks” to earlier quips, effectively punctuating the film’s comedic crescendo.


Grandma’s Boy was released to mixed reviews from critics, many of whom complained about the crude humor and overused tropes. However, due to its outrageous jokes and admirable cast, it has become a cult classic. The movie gained a small following in the years following its release, eventually gaining mainstream media outlets’ attention. In the years following its release, the movie has become a go-to comedy for viewers who appreciate its uniquely crass yet surprisingly heartwarming humor.

Trailer for Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy Cast

Nicholaus Goossen (Director): Nicholaus Goossen directed the film, guiding the creative vision and bringing the comedic elements to life.

Allen Covert (Alex): Allen Covert portrays Alex, the film’s protagonist. Alex is a 35-year-old who finds himself moving in with his grandmother and her friends after facing eviction.

Linda Cardellini (Samantha): Linda Cardellini plays Samantha, Alex’s attractive new coworker. She becomes part of a love triangle involving Alex.

Peter Dante (Dante): Peter Dante takes on the role of Dante. He’s one of Alex’s friends who enjoys a carefree lifestyle.

Shirley Knight (Bea): Shirley Knight portrays Bea, one of Alex’s grandmother’s friends. She is part of the countercultural environment that Alex encounters.

Joel David Moore (J.P.): Joel David Moore plays J.P., another friend of Alex. He works at the video game company and has a unique personality.

Kevin Nealon (Mr. Cheezle): Kevin Nealon appears as Mr. Cheezle, a character associated with the video game company where Alex works.

Doris Roberts (Grandma Lilly): Doris Roberts takes on the role of Grandma Lilly, Alex’s grandmother. She offers him refuge when he’s evicted from his apartment.

Shirley Jones (Grace): Shirley Jones portrays Grace, another of Alex’s grandmother’s friends. She contributes to the eclectic mix of personalities in the house.

Heidi Hawking (Milk Maid): Heidi Hawking appears as the Milk Maid, adding to the quirky ensemble of characters.


Grandma’s Boy is a classic comedy that offers sure-fire laughs for its viewers. It combines a crude sense of humor with a unique look at the “bromance” between a 35-year-old and an elderly group of women and is sure to keep you entertained. With a hilarious cast, well-crafted jokes, and an unexpected amount of heart, Grandma’s Boy is a must-see.

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