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Chrissy Stranger Things

The television show Stranger Things is an American production of science fiction, horror, and drama. The series is a top-notch and enjoyable show that skillfully blends mystery, suspense, and nostalgia, making it ideal for binge-watching audiences. Notably, It is one of the most well-known television shows nowadays, and viewers love it. Stranger things have succeeded in the movie industry because of the show’s unique 80s setting, plot, directing, acting, and ambiance, which have all received praise from fans and countless critics worldwide. Stranger Things also has experienced record-breaking viewership on the streaming service and is one of Netflix’s flagship series. With 1.35 billion hours watched in its first 28 days on the site, its most recent season holds the record for the most-watched English-language Netflix series, demonstrating how eagerly it is anticipated by viewers worldwide.

And with the release of the fourth season, we are introduced to a brand-new group of endearing characters from the show who help us establish a deeper connection with them and resonate with their roles. One of these characters is Chrissy Cunningham, the head of the cheerleaders and the most well-liked girl, who initially appears in season 4’s premiere episode. Despite the fact that they killed her off early in the season, she was a much-loved character, as evidenced by the number of Chrissy Stranger Things posters and Chrissy sweaters that have already been made and sold online.

Fans of Stranger Things are well-versed in the plot and characters of the series. However, others may have missed or forgotten things easily. In this blog, we’ll glance at Chrissy Cunningham from a broader perspective, examine the events that took place and reminisce about her blissful-sorrowful moments in the show.

Introduction to Chrissy Cunningham

The only recurring character in the fourth season of the Netflix series Stranger Things is Christina Elizabeth “Chrissy” Cunningham. She was born on June 13, 1968, and is the daughter of Phillip and Laura Cunningham. Chrissy is characterized in the show as being kind, polite, considerate, and sensitive. Chrissy began attending Hawkins Middle School in 1979, where she pursued her education. She excelled academically and joined the cheerleading squad after participating in the school talent show, where she engaged in a cheerleading routine with Corroded Coffin guitarist Eddie Munson.

Chrissy, who lives in Hawkins, Indiana, embodied the stereotype of the super-popular girl; in 1986, she was the head cheerleader at her high school and dating the basketball team captain, Jason Carver. Chrissy would keep her personal troubles hidden from her friends and even Jason. Although they appeared to have a love relationship, they had a distant connection. Jason couldn’t figure out what was bothering Chrissy, but Eddie Munson, who hadn’t spoken to her in years, saw it immediately during their drug trade. Chrissy is also referred to as the “queen of Hawkins High” due to her fame, which raised her prestige in the school. For her, everything was going perfectly, everything was mapped out, and she had a promising future ahead. However, because of her many severe personal issues, everything started to fall apart.

What was Chrissy’s Trauma?

Chrissy’s life appears to be free from flaws on the surface, but in reality, she is struggling terribly to conceal her depression and self-image stemming. She was struggling with these issues, which resulted in her developing an eating disorder due to her mother’s verbally abusive comments. She even turned to the guidance counselor at her school to get advice on what she could do to aid herself in her position. Her mother, who forces her to maintain a “perfect” image while condemning any apparent defects, is, therefore, the cause of her eating issue and negative perception of herself. Additionally, being the captain of the Hawkins High Cheer Team came with a lot of pressure. Chrissy was under growing pressure, and there was just a certain amount in her current predicament. Even though she did her best to conceal her misery, it eventually overcame her, making her struggle. At the same time, Vecna uses this trauma to keep coming back to torment her. Vecna used this trauma as a springboard to come crawling back to it. 

Why Did Vecna Target Chrissy?

Vecna’s murders are not random because a pattern has been established showing that his method of selecting victims has something in common: they are dealing with traumatic memories. Vecna, a non-killer in seasons 1-3, shockingly began killing in the fourth season premiere when he murdered Chrissy Cunningham. Vecna seeks traumatized youth because, as we all know, he gains strength from apoplectic and sorrowful memories. Although he is not the first Upside Down bad guy to slaughter teenagers in Hawkins, Vecna is unquestionably the most frightening. All the victims get visions of a specific grandfather clock, which symbolizes the passage of time. These young people are a reservoir of power waiting to be drawn upon, and Chrissy Stranger Things was no exception. This was further emphasized when Vecna informed Eleven of the remorseful and hostile memories’ influence. Moreover, Vecna wished to exact revenge on Eleven when Eleven exiled him to the dimension in September 1979 after Vecna slaughtered everyone at Hawkins Lab. However, the fact that Vecna went without murdering anyone makes us wonder what took him so long. It would appear that Vecna was waiting to become stronger as the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons slaughtered more people over the seven years following the Hawkins Lab massacre since he was likely powerless after being flung into the realm. With the help of these schemes, Vecna could carry out his plan to release the four curse gates that will allow Upside Down to spread across Hawkins.

Chrissy Stranger Things

What Happened After Chrissy’s Death?

After Chrissy was killed, a gate began to open where she had been killed gradually. Eddie and Jason both vowed to avenge Chrissy’s death. Still, they went about it very differently because Eddie teamed up with the Party, who were already familiar with the horrors of the Upside Down and knew what to do to mitigate risk. At the same time, Jason believed Chrissy’s death was Eddie’s doing. The people of Hawkins were startled to learn of Chrissy’s death, and a sense of panic spread throughout the community as everyone speculated about how she died after they saw her body in the trailer. Due to Eddie’s affiliation with the Hellfire Club and the scene of Chrissy’s murder, he was named the main suspect the next day. As a result, the town’s residents searched to capture him. Eddie was later discovered by Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve hiding beneath a tarp in Reefer Rick’s dock house, where he revealed the circumstances of Chrissy Stranger Things passing and realized a new evil had been lurking out in their town.

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