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Drew Barrymore Movies: A Comprehensive List

Drew Barrymore has been a favorite of moviegoers for decades. From her breakout role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to her more recent directorial effort with Whip It, she’s made a mark in Hollywood that won’t soon be forgotten. For those looking to celebrate the diversity of Drew Barrymore movies, here’s a look at some of her most popular films over the years.

Drew Barrymore movies

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
The sci-fi classic from Steven Spielberg gave us one of the most memorable young performances in film history, as Drew Barrymore starred as Gertie, the lovable younger sister to Henry Thomas’ Elliott and his alien friend E.T. This tale of friendship and adventure captured audiences of all ages, and it is still considered a timeless classic today.

Barrymore’s performance was one of the highlights, as she intuitively understood how to capture Gertie’s innocence and wide-eyed wonder when it came to a mysterious alien visitor in their midst. With some help from Spielberg’s direction and direction from screenwriter Melissa Mathison, Barrymore delivered an unforgettable performance that would set her up for stardom for decades to come.

Firestarter (1984)
The adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel was another early success for Drew Barrymore, as she took on the lead role of Charlie McGee, an innocent young girl with extraordinary powers that make her a target for government agents looking to exploit her gifts. As Charlie fights back against those seeking to take advantage of her abilities, we get to see both sides: on the one hand, an innocent child who wants nothing more than safety; on the other hand, a powerful being who can wreak havoc if pushed too far.

Barrymore was perfect casting for this challenging role, as she managed to convey Charlie’s fear and confusion while also showing how strong and determined she could be when pushed into a corner or faced with danger. She had help from another great cast which included George C Scott as John Rainbird and Martin Sheen as Andy McGee – but it was really Barrymore’s performance that held it together from start to finish.

Scream (1996)
The horror franchise made its debut with this Wes Craven classic about an unknown killer stalking high school students in small-town America – but it was also notable for giving us Drew Barrymore in one of her most iconic roles ever: Casey Becker, an unfortunate victim whose death becomes part of what sets off the whole story arc over four films (so far).

As Casey Becker, we got to see both ends of playing this type of role – first scared out of her wits while talking on the phone with Ghostface, then later aggressively fighting back against him once he showed up at her doorstep – all while giving us glimpses into why she became such an important character in this story even after death (considering how heavily Ghostface fixated on getting revenge). Barrymore imbued Casey with strength and vulnerability that still resonates today – making it no surprise why Scream remains such a beloved horror franchise even today, almost 25 years later!

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)
Drew Barrymore stepped into new terrain when she starred in this romantic retelling of Cinderella which put its own spin on the fairy tale by reworking its ending slightly so that it put more emphasis on empowerment rather than finding Prince Charming alone as a solution for happiness. As Danielle de Barbarac – essentially “Cinderella” by another name – we get to watch how Drew manages to bring life into what could have been just another cookie-cutter role by adding layers upon layers to Danielle’s character arc so that we understand how strong-minded she is even before meeting prince charming Henry Cavill!

In addition to providing us with an interesting “modernized” version of Cinderella’s story arc – we also got some terrific supporting performances from Anjelica Huston as Queen Marie Antoinette, Dougray Scott as evil Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent, plus Melanie Lynskey & Megan Dodds as Danielle’s stepsisters Marguerite & Jacqueline respectively – all combining together create what is perhaps one Drew Barrymore movies best remembered by audiences today!

Charlie’s Angels (2000)
The big screen adaptation of the classic 70s TV series gave us a trio of female leads Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu – all teaming up to battle evil forces as the eponymous Charlie’s Angels. The movie was a box office hit, and it’s easy to see why – thanks to some fun action sequences, great chemistry between the three leads, plus some memorable supporting performances from Bill Murray & Tim Curry.

As Natalie Cook, Barrymore once again showed her versatility as an actress – she could be both serious and lighthearted when necessary, without ever feeling out of place or overly campy. It was also great to watch how she interacted with her co-stars, Diaz & Liu in particular – their onscreen camaraderie made it easy to buy into the idea that these three women are best friends who have each others’ backs no matter what.

50 First Dates (2004)
This romantic comedy marked one of Drew Barrymore’s most successful films at the box office – and featured her alongside Adam Sandler as Henry Roth, a man who falls in love with Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore). The twist is that Lucy has short-term memory loss, which causes her to forget everything after each night passes – so Henry must constantly start from scratch every day if he wants any chance at winning her heart!

It was an interesting premise for a romantic comedy that allowed both actors to show off their comedic chops while still staying true to the heartfelt core of the story. Barrymore was especially impressive here, as she managed to make us root for Lucy even when we knew that Henry might not be able to win her over in the end. It was her performance that really brought this film together and made it into one of Barrymore’s more beloved movies today!

Whip It (2009)
Drew Barrymore took on another challenging role when she made her directorial debut with this sports drama about roller derby champions Bliss Cavendar & Maggie Mayhem (Ellen Page & Marcia Gay Harden, respectively). In addition to helming Whip It, Barrymore also starred as Smashley Simpson – a veteran member of the team who helps Bliss hone her skills as they fight their way through an increasingly competitive league.

Barrymore proves here once again why she’s one of Hollywood’s most dynamic actresses: able to shift between drama and comedy with ease, deliver believable action sequences, plus bring life into characters even with smaller roles like Smashley Simpson. Whip It is proof that Drew Barrymore is a great actress and a talented filmmaker who can bring new stories and ideas alive onscreen!

Blended (2014)
Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore reunited for this romantic comedy about two single parents whose vacation turns into something more after discovering they have more in common than they originally thought. Blended allowed both actors/actresses to show off their comedic timing yet again – plus gave us some fun moments between them as well as their respective children, Tyler (Bella Thorne) & Brendan (Braxton Beckham).

The movie wasn’t an instant classic by any means, but it did give us plenty of laughs throughout its runtime – mostly thanks to its two leads, who still have great chemistry together even after years apart since 50 First Dates! Blended may not be remembered by many today, but it does serve as a reminder that sometimes you need some lighthearted laughs from time, which is exactly what this movie provides!


Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood staple for decades, having starred in some of the biggest and most beloved films of all time. Whether playing an innocent young girl in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, a powerful being in Firestarter, or fighting back against evil forces as one of Charlie’s Angels – her performances have always been memorable and inspiring. She’s an incredible actress and a talented director, as evidenced by her debut feature film, Whip It.

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