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Top 10 Chris Tucker Movies

Chris Tucker is an actor and comedian who first broke onto the scene with his role on Friday. His signature laugh and larger-than-life personality have been a hit with audiences ever since. Here are 10 of his best movies to date.

Chris Tucker Movies
  1. Friday (1995)
    Friday stars Chris Tucker and Ice Cube as two slackers who must stay out of trouble on a single day in their neighborhood, South Central Los Angeles. The movie follows their escapades as they deal with rival drug dealers, police officers, and other characters that inhabit their world. It also features an iconic performance by Tucker as Smokey, who is always looking for a good time but can never seem to stay out of trouble. This movie was one of the first to feature Tucker’s signature style of comedy, establishing him as an A-list star in Hollywood.

  2. The Fifth Element (1997)
    In this sci-fi classic directed by Luc Besson, Tucker plays Ruby Rhod, a flamboyant talk show host who helps guide Bruce Willis’ character Korben Dallas on his mission to defeat the evil Mangalore aliens. His over-the-top performance steals every scene he’s in, and his dialogue is full of hilarious quips that will make you laugh out loud. He also has some great physical comedy moments, such as when he tries to dodge laser beams in a zero-gravity environment or when he gets stuck in an elevator shaft while trying to save the day with Dallas and Leeloo (Milla Jovovich).

  3. Rush Hour (1998)
    Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up for this buddy cop movie directed by Brett Ratner that follows Detective Carter (Tucker) from Los Angeles and Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) from Hong Kong as they try to solve a kidnapping case involving the daughter of Chinese Ambassador Han Juntao (Tzi Ma). Their attempt at diplomacy fails miserably as each one tries to outdo the other with its own brand of justice. Still, eventually, they team up for some outrageous stunts that make for some great action sequences throughout the film. The chemistry between Chan and Tucker is undeniable, and their repartee will have you laughing throughout the movie!

  4. Money Talks (1997)
    In this action comedy directed by Brett Ratner, Tucker plays Franklin Hatchett, a small-time con man hired by an FBI agent (Charlie Sheen) to help him catch a notorious criminal. With the help of his friend (Heather Locklear), Hatchett has to devise a plan to outsmart the criminal to save the day. The movie features some great stunts and car chases, as well as Tucker’s signature brand of comedy that keeps the audience laughing.

  5. The Great White Hype (1996)
    This comedy, directed by Reginald Hudlin, follows Chris Tucker’s character, Reverend Sultan, on his mission to promote a boxing match between two white and black fighters to increase public interest in the sport. While it may not be one of Tucker’s biggest hits, it is still full of some great comedic moments as he plays off other characters, such as Samuel L. Jackson’s promoter character and Jeff Goldblum’s flamboyant press secretary.

  6. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
    In this Oscar-winning film directed by David O Russell, Chris Tucker plays Danny McDaniels, an old friend of Bradley Cooper’s character Pat Solitano who helps him adjust back into society after being released from a mental institution. His scenes are short but memorable, and he manages to bring his own brand of humor into the mix that makes for some great moments throughout the movie.

  7. Little Nicky (2000)
    Adam Sandler stars as Nicky, the son of Satan (Harvey Keitel), who must go on a mission to Earth to save his father’s kingdom from destruction at the hands of Nicky’s two evil brothers Cassius and Adrian (Tommy “Tiny” Lister and Rhys Ifans). Along for the ride is Chris Tucker, an angel named Cassiel, who helps guide Nicky on his quest while providing plenty of laughs with his unique brand of humor throughout the movie.

  8. Jackie Brown (1997)
    Tucker stars in this classic Quentin Tarantino film alongside Pam Grier and Robert Forster as Ordell Robbie, an arms dealer who gets caught up in Grier’s character Jackie Brown’s double cross scheme when she tries to get away with $50K from him by smuggling money for him through Mexico for her own gain. Although he only appears briefly in the film, Tucker steals every scene he is in with his over-exaggerated performance that will have you laughing out loud every time!

  9. Dead Presidents (1995)
    In this classic crime drama directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, Tucker plays Albert “Gator” Johnson, a Vietnam veteran struggling with PTSD who joins forces with other veterans on a mission to rob an armored truck carrying cash from dead presidents’ gravesites. His performance is subtle yet powerful, and it shows us another side to Chris Tucker that many people may not have seen before this movie came out!

  10. Rush Hour 2 (2001)
    This sequel reunites Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as Carter and Lee, respectively, on their next adventure, which takes them both from Los Angeles all the way to Hong Kong when they investigate an assassination attempt against Chinese Ambassador Han Juntao’s uncle Mr. Chang(Zhang Ziyi). This movie features more outrageous stunts than its predecessor while also giving us more hilarious one-liners between Chan and Tucker that will keep you laughing throughout!

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