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Chris Pine Movies: The Top 8 Picks from

The talented Chris Pine has been a mainstay in Hollywood since his breakout role as James T Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek reboot. He’s since gone on to become an A-list star, appearing in films of all genres – from action and adventure to comedy and drama. Here are eight of the best Chris Pine movies available for streaming on

Chris Pine Movies

1. Wonder Woman (2017)

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Chris Pine stars alongside Gal Gadot in this critically acclaimed superhero film following Diana Prince’s journey to stop Ares, the God of War, from destroying mankind. Pine plays Steve Trevor, an American pilot who crash-lands on Themyscira and sets Diana on her ultimate mission.

2. Star Trek Beyond (2016)

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The third installment in the rebooted Star Trek franchise sees Chris Pine reprising his iconic role as Captain James T Kirk. When an alien force attacks their ship, it’s up to Kirk and his crew to save the day – but can they succeed when faced with such a formidable enemy?

3. Hell or High Water (2016)

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Chris Pine teams up with Jeff Bridges in this critically acclaimed crime drama set in West Texas. He plays Toby, a divorced dad desperate to save his family’s ranch by robbing banks – but two Texas Rangers are hot on his trail.

4. Unstoppable (2010)

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This action thriller stars Chris Pine and Denzel Washington as two railroad workers trying to stop an unmanned runaway train full of hazardous materials from crashing into a heavily populated area. With the clock ticking and danger looming, can they save the day?

5. This Means War (2012)

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Chris Pine stars alongside Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon in this romantic action comedy. Two CIA agents, who are also best friends, discover they’re both dating the same woman – and so a battle of wits ensues as they attempt to win her affection.

6. People Like Us (2012)

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In this drama, Chris Pine plays Sam – a salesman whose life is turned upside down when he discovers he has an unknown sister, played by Elizabeth Banks. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he attempts to make amends with his family and learn more about himself.

7. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

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Chris Pine steps into the shoes of Tom Clancy’s iconic character, Jack Ryan, for this action thriller set during the Cold War era. When Ryan discovers a terrorist plot that could potentially wreak havoc on American soil, he must work quickly to foil their plans and save millions of lives.

8. Outlaw King (2018)

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Chris Pine takes on the role of Robert the Bruce in this historical drama set during 14th century Scotland. He leads a ragtag army against the oppressive English forces, determined to reclaim his crown and unite the Scots as one nation once more.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Chris Pine’s best movies available for streaming on! No matter what your favorite genre may be, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy – so get watching now!

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