Atypical Season 5 – is it Possible?

Atypical is a Netflix original comedy-drama series created by Robia Rashid. The series has four seasons that started airing from 2017 to 2021. Now let’s summarize the major highlights for each season and explain the ending for season 4. Also, are you looking forward to Atypical season 5? Let’s check out for updates and news. 

Atypical Season 5 – is it Possible?

Season Summary: Season 1

The Atypical series first season aired on August 11, 2017, with eight episodes making up the season. Following the life of an 18-year-old Sam Gardner on the autism spectrum, we see how he explores his junior year in high school, and so do his family and friends.

Key moments:

  • Sam and Paige. Paige tried to get closer to Sam as she wanted to get to know him. They get along and soon enter into a relationship. Paige says the “L” word, but Sam is still confused about his feelings as he doesn’t feel the same towards her and instead confesses to his psychiatrist, Julia. In the end, Sam clarifies his feelings to Paige and gives her proper closure. 
  • Elsa, Nick, and Doug. Elsa 一 Sam’s mother 一  entered into an affair with Nick but soon ended it. Doug, her husband, found out about her affair as Casey, their daughter saw Elsa and Nick. 

Season Summary: Season 2

Season 2 focuses more on relationships. Season 2 is Sam’s senior year in high school; we see how he deals with the rest of it and his relationship with Paige. Casey also explores new beginnings for her, while Elsa is also trying to fix things with her marriage. 

Key moments:

  • Sam and Paige.  Sam and Paige are still trying to figure out their feelings for each other. Both started a casual relationship but also ended it. As Sam survives the rest of his senior year and finds out most people don’t like him and call him weird, he faces the crowd one last time when he reads Paige’s speech during their graduation ceremony. In the end, Sam confesses his feelings to Paige and tells her he loves her.
  • Casey. Casey is going to a new school. At first, it was hard for her to make friends, but she soon bonded with Izzie. The two grew closer and closer, and the tension in their relationship might lead them to something even more incredible. 
  • Elsa and Doug. Elsa is trying to make things right with Doug. She is trying to fix their marriage until Elsa asks Doug a critical question if Doug can let the past go. 

Season Summary: Season 3

Season 3 deepens more of the characters’ relationships. It does not only mean romantic relationships. It also discusses platonic relationships. 

  • Sam and Zahid. As Sam starts college, Zahid also goes to nursing school. While Sam thinks their friendship is going well, Zahid decides to “unhomies.” Sam didn’t expect it to happen but discovered that Zahid broke off their company because Zahid was off on engagement. Sam stops Zahid’s elopement, and the two become homies again.
  • Sam and Paige. While Sam was starting his first year in college, Paige dropped out. But in season 3, we witness their relationship moving to another level. Adding a dash of spiciness to both of them.
  • Casey and Izzie. Casey and Izzie explored more about their relationship. Even though Casey has a boyfriend, something still leads her to kiss Izzie, and because of the guilt, she comes clean with her boyfriend and ends this with him. Izzie, on the other hand, was confused about how she felt. Izzie felt scared to be with Casey after what happened. But soon, she gave up and followed her feelings for her. 
  • Elsa and Doug. Elsa felt tired and wanted to end things with Doug. She even considered getting a divorce. Doug, on the other hand, rekindled their marriage.

Season 4 Ending Explained

Atypical didn’t focus this season on relationships like the other season. Season 4 focuses on the character’s growth and journey in their lives. 

The series started with Sam and Paige as a couple and sadly ended with them parting ways. In a bittersweet moment, Sam and Paige parted ways in a critical location, the Olive Garden, which served as the location for many sad scenarios like Sam telling Paige he doesn’t love her or Sam ditching an important date. With Paige dropping out of college and working in a restaurant, she wants to figure things out for herself and is ready to take on big opportunities.

Casey’s love story with Izzie might not end well, but it allows Casey to discover and know herself more. Casey deals with anxiety and self-discovery. Soon after overcoming challenges, Casey realized she belonged to the “bisexual” spectrum. Casey also deals with her relationship with her dad and starts to face plans like college. 

Sam, he faces another heartbreak besides his love life. His Antarctica school program was canceled, which devastated him and his love for penguins. But the mere suggestion of him going to Alaska instead gave him a revelation, and he decides to go without the program instead. It serves as a big step for his character showing how he’s grown over the years in the series. In a touching sign of how much closer the two of them have been since Season 1, Doug 一 his father 一 chooses to go with him.

Atypical Season 5 possible?

Even though Sam and the other characters show total growth in season 4, many audiences hope for Casey’s successful love story. So will there be an Atypical season 5? The answer is no. The creators showed the show couldn’t have another season and announced season 4 would be the finale of it. But each character’s ending shows how they are moving with life and how their stories are atypical.

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