7 Sons Of Anarchy Actors We’re Hoping We See On Mayans M.C.

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

When Sons of Anarchy ended its ride with the death of SAMCRO president Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) there was immediate speculation that creator Kurt Sutter wasn’t finished exploring the outlaw motorcycle world. There were talks of a Sons prequel — which could still happen — but Sutter’s creative direction eventually gave birth to Mayans MC.

As any fan of Sons knows, the predominately Hispanic MC known as the Mayans frequently butted heads with the Jax and company, before eventually becoming allies. The show will make its debut September 4 on FX and from early reviews, it’s sure to give Sons fans a thrilling new ride and plenty of nostril-flaring drama.

What about the players of SAMCRO though, can we expect to see any of them weaved into the Mayans’ world of chrome and illegal activities? Well, we’re certainly going to see the Mayans’ Oakland president Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) but the appearance of other familiar faces is uncertain. First off, the show takes place a few years after Jax’s death and if you’ll remember correctly, there weren’t that many members of the Sons MC still breathing.

If there’s one thing viewers have learned from watching Sons though, it’s that the fictional universe the show took place in was always weaving together various outfits of the criminal underworld. Here are 7 characters we might one eventually see on Mayans MC.

Tig Trager (Kim Coates)

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Considering how much pain and suffering life has thrown Tig’s way it’s pretty remarkable he made it to the end of the series still standing. (If you need any more proof of this just go re-watch season five and try not to break down crying for the guy). Tig was one of SAMCRO’s more charming members and was loyal to his MC family until the bitter end. When the series ended, Tig was in a happy relationship with Charming’s favorite transgender prostitute, Venus Van Dam and promoted to chapter vice president.

Chibs Telford (Tommy Flanagan)

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One of SAMCRO’s toughest members and the club’s link to its Northern Irish chapters, Chibs brawled with nearly every criminal organization that crossed his path during the series. With Jax’s suicide by 18-wheeler in Sons’ final episode, it’s Chibs who took control of the club as the chapter president. Because of Chibs’ commanding rank over SAMCRO, if any member does happen to find themselves interacting with the Mayans MC down the line, it’ll likely be him followed by Tig close behind.

T.O Cross (Michael Beach)

The Grim Bastards were SOA’s lone Africa-American MC and they ultimately had a productive relationship with the Sons because of T.O. His relationship with the Mayans on the other hand, well, it was a bit more adversarial. At the time of SOA’s conclusion, T.O. had been patched over to Sons membership and became the club’s first African-American member. There are no clues out there to suggest that we’ll be seeing T.O. again, but if the Sons or Grim Bastards find their way into Mayans MC, it’s not completely far-fetched that he might show up.

Ernest Darby (Mitch Pileggi)

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As leader of the white supremacist group the Nordics, Darby played a prominent role up through the show’s sixth season. In an effort to advance the Nordics’ meth enterprises, Darby befriended Mayans leader Marcus Alvarez and made a plea to join forces to overtake the Sons. The last we saw of him he claimed to supposedly have left the criminal life behind, but of course, that didn’t mean his criminal cohorts had forgotten about him. While it’s not likely that we’ll see a return of Darby in Mayans MC, he would certainly add an interesting element to the show.

Happy Lowman (David Labrava)

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After Bobby met his grisly end, Happy was appointed to the Sons’ new sergeant-at-arms role. He might not have had as detailed of a storyline as other members of SAMCRO, but he was around for the show’s entire run and was still alive when the show ended in season seven. Should other members of SAMCRO appear in Mayans MC, Happy would make a welcomed cameo as well.

Romeo Parada (Danny Trejo)

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With Mayans MC focusing on a charter that lies on the California / Mexico border, it’s inevitable that Mexican drug cartels will factor into the storyline. With Romeo playing a high-ranking member of a Galindo Cartel on SOA, it would make sense for the Galindo Cartel and Trejo’s character to be in the series. We learned in season four of the show that the Mayans had a close connection to the Galindo Cartel, so Romeo finding his way back into the world of the Mayans seems like a real possibility.

Chuckie Marstein (Michael Ornstein)

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Alright, so there’s no legitimate reason for Chuckie to pop up in the world of the Mayans MC since he was just SAMCRO’s bookkeeper after all. That said, if Sutter does somehow decide to work Chuckie into the new series it will likely be a small cameo for purely nostalgic comedic effect.

It’s difficult to predict what characters from an original series might find their way into a spin-off show, but there’s little reason to completely rule out any of the above characters from Mayans MC.

Two characters who had minimal screen time in SOA that Sutter has hinted will eventually be in the show are, oddly enough, Jax’s boys. “I do think it would be interesting to see Jax’s sons faced with the reality of who their father was,” Sutter told TV Guide. “To me, there’s potentially something interesting to see how that may manifest. But that would be down the line.”

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