2018 Oscar Hopefuls You Can Stream Right Now

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Oscar season has officially arrived in Hollywood. While it’ll be a couple more months before the 2018 contenders are announced, your local theater is full of Oscar bait like Battle of the Sexes, Call Me by Your Name, and I, Tonya for you to enjoy. However, if you don’t feel like leaving your house, it’s good to know that quite a few of the movies that are sure to be award season favorites have already made their way to your favorite streaming sites. This is thanks in large part to a few surprise hits, and the studios finally beginning to spread out the release dates for their potential Oscar contenders beyond the fall.

The nominees for the 2018 Oscars won’t be announced until Tuesday, Jan. 23, but you can get a head start by catching up on these buzzy films that might just hear their names called on the big night.

Get Out — HBO

Traditionally, horror movies have a hard time breaking into the Oscars race, but Get Out left quite an impression on critics. That momentum should translate to the Academy as the members put in their votes, because Jordan Peele’s commentary on racial politics in America is nothing short of brilliant. Expect the film to earn a Best Original Screenplay nod, for sure, but Get Out could also earn nominations for Best Director, Lead Actor, and Best Picture if voters loved it as much as everyone else did.

The Big Sick — Amazon Video (Available 11/24)

Directed by Michael Showalter, The Big Sick became one of the year’s biggest independent films. Not only did it help resuscitate the romantic comedy genre, it also delivered a genuinely touching and funny look at an interracial romance that resonated with moviegoers. All signs point to the film being a hit with voters as well.

Logan — Google Play (Rent $4.99)

The Academy tends to snub superhero movies when it comes to the major categories. However, that could change for Logan, thanks to Patrick Stewart’s heartbreaking farewell to Professor Xavier. His potential nomination depends on how crowded the supporting actor field is, but don’t be surprised if he ends up in the race.

Mudbound — Netflix (Available 11/17)

Mudbound made a splash on the festival circuit, and Netflix is hoping the post-WWII drama will ride that wave of accolades straight to the Oscars. The film tells the story of two southern families — one black, one white — and the farm that binds them. Nominations in all the major categories are possible for this film.

Beauty and the Beast — Netflix

Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is almost guaranteed a seat at the table for its original songs, and it might just snag a few technical nominations as well.

The Beguiled — Google Play/Vudu/Amazon Video/YouTube (Rent $4.99)

Director Sofia Coppola and star Nicole Kidman, who is having a huge year already thanks to Big Little Lies, could secure this creepy Civil War drama at least two nominations.

First They Killed My Father — Netflix

Directed by Angelina Jolie, First They Killed My Father is Cambodia’s official selection for Best Foreign Language Film, and while that doesn’t guarantee it a nomination, it definitely makes it a contender.

Okja — Netflix

This dark, environmental fantasy is a bit of a long shot, but it has enough critical love to make it a possibility across multiple categories.

Wonder Woman — Google Play/Vudu/Amazon Video (Rent $4.99)

Counting Diana out of the race would be foolish. Marvel may have a better track record at the box office, but DC could be the first studio to have a movie competing in the major categories. Wonder Woman made a serious impact on viewers, including Academy voters. The movie has a real chance of a Best Picture nod, and Patty Jenkins could easily find herself in the Best Director race.

The Lego Batman Movie — HBO (Available 11/11)

It’ll be shocking if The Lego Batman Movie doesn’t snag a Best Animated Feature nomination. The movie was stylish, fun, a little silly, and it had just enough heart to resonate with adults and kids.

Cars 3 — Amazon Video/Google Play/Vudu/Youtube (Rent $4.99)

Never count out a Pixar movie. Cars 3 may end up pushed out of the race in favor of Coco, or Pixar may have two contenders on their hands.

Icarus — Netflix

The Russian doping program is the subject of this intense documentary that’s a favorite to earn an Oscar nod in 2018.

City of Ghosts — Amazon Prime

This harrowing documentary takes viewers inside a group of activists attempting to fight back against ISIS. Amazon has a serious contender on their hands with this one.

Check out these 2018 Oscar hopefuls now, and get way ahead of the game once the nominations are announced in January.


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