10 Streaming Shows That Might Just Help You Win HQ


If you have an iPhone and a love for trivia, there’s an excellent chance that you’re addicted to HQ, the live game show app for your phone. While there’s something a bit Black Mirror-ish about competing in an online game show, the cash prize for winning distracts from the 1984 vibes. When HQ first started, the pot was relatively small, but in just a few months it’s grown to a minimum of $1,500 per game. Depending on how many people make it through the 12 random questions, that’s not exactly chump change. HQ is nothing if not a grab bag of general knowledge, which makes it hard to study for the show. However, if you want to brush up on some of the show’s key subjects these are the perfect streaming series to binge. (Android users will want to get in on this too, because the app is heading your way on Christmas.)

While the questions vary, HQ seems to favor trivia related to geography, sports, music, video games, and popular culture. A dash of food and science knowledge certainly won’t hurt your chances of winning either. If you don’t relish the idea of breaking out a virtual atlas on your lunch break, try streaming one of this trivia friendly shows instead — they might just be able to help you achieve HQ glory.

Sports Jeopardy!

HQ loves its sports questions, and outside of the news, there’s no better resource for trivia related to all things athletic than Sports Jeopardy. The original flavor Jeopardy off-shoot is full of obscure facts about baseball, football, and anything else sports-related that could possibly lead to one of HQ’s notorious savage questions.

Planet Earth

Brush up on your geography knowledge by settling down with this stunning globe-trotting documentary. Planet Earth is so majestic that watching it won’t feel like doing homework.


Random facts and comedy collide in this British series that covers all manner of trivia. While many of the topics are likely too obscure to land on HQ, it never hurts to fill your brain with as much miscellaneous knowledge as possible.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

If Pluto was still a planet the last time you studied science, then Cosmos is a superb place to continue your education. Let Neil deGrasse Tyson get you up to date on the latest scientific developments while also offering up a refresher course on all of the important stuff you’ve definitely forgotten.

Lip Sync Battle

Don’t scoff; HQ is all about modern music questions. If you’re not exactly up on the latest hits, you’ll be able to pick up just enough information from Lip Sync Battle to help you differentiate between The Chainsmokers and The Weeknd.

The Wine Show

Sometimes HQ gets fancy, and when it does The Wine Show will have your back. This series delves into all things wine with a healthy side of travel, giving you plenty of opportunities to pick up new quiz-worthy facts.

Cash Cab

Get your brain working by watching Cash Cab, a series that demands its contestants know just as much general knowledge as HQ players.

The Story of Film

If you don’t consider yourself a film geek, then this excellent documentary will get you up to speed on the world of cinema.

Start watching these shows now and you could be on your way to HQ victory— or at least dazzling your friends with your capacity to retain completely random facts about everything!


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