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10 Classic TV Halloween Episodes To Put You In The Spooky Spirit

New Girl via Fox

While there’s no shortage of reasons to love Halloween, from the costumes to the parties, any lover of TV would certainly rank the abundance of Halloween episodes as a holiday highlight. Any sitcom/fantasy show worth its salt will deliver at least one Halloween episode and with October here, now is the perfect opportunity to re-watch some of your favorites from Halloweens’ past.

Get ready for plenty of bad costume puns and storylines that mine laughs out of traditions like trick or treating and haunted houses. We’ve lined up 10 of the best Halloween TV episodes ever, so grab a bag of candy and settle in.

The Office “Halloween” – Netflix


The Office was a master of the holiday-themed episode and this season two episode delivered monster laughs and even a little drama. Michael wrestles with having to layoff a team member while trying to maintain the office’s Halloween spirit and Pam suggest to Jim that he transfer to another branch. Each character’s costumes seem to fit perfectly with their personality and it’s sure to put you in the Halloween spirit.

Friends “The One With The Halloween Party” – Netflix


Just about every sitcom loves to throw its characters into ridiculous situations and Friends was one of the best at doing so in the 90s. When the group decides to throw a Halloween party, things naturally go haywire in the best possible way. Rachel’s handing out cash instead of candy, Phoebe falls for her sister’s fiance, and then you have Ross’ Sputnik “spud” costume.

Home Improvement “The Haunting of Taylor House” – Hulu


If there was ever a holiday meant for always-taking-things-over-the-top Tim “the tool man” Taylor, Halloween is it. In this episode from the early days of the series, Tim designs his “catacombs of terror” haunted house for Brad’s Halloween party. While the haunted house easily puts all others to shame, things quickly spiral out of control for Tim and Al.

New Girl “Halloween” – Netflix

Via Fox

The “adorkable” show had a few different Halloween episodes over the course of its run, but this season two episode gets our seal of approval. The romantic tension of Nick and Jess was a constant throughout the show and is at full power here as both questions their current relationship choices. The haunted house and Nick’s fear of clowns keep the episode moving along with plenty of laughs.

Boy Meets World “And Then There Was Shawn” – Hulu


The 90s coming-of-age comedy had already delivered a solid Halloween episode with “Who’s Afraid Of Cory Wolf?” but this later episode hits so much harder. The episode capitalizes on the teen slasher craze of the time with the gang believing a killer is loose in the school. The cameo by I Know What You Did Last Summer actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is the cherry on top.

Workaholics “A TelAmerican Horror Story” – Hulu | Comedy Central

Via Comedy Central

This show about three slacker friends was never afraid to get hilariously absurd and its Halloween episode was no different. After binging on scary movies, the fellas convince themselves that their telemarketing office is haunted and an exorcism must be performed. What really sends this episode over the top is the special appearance by Robert Englund a.k.a. Freddy Krueger.

Happy Endings “Spooky Endings” – Hulu | Crackle


It’s a shame that this show didn’t get a few more Halloween episodes under its belt because this has to be one of the funniest episodes of the series. While Brad and Jane are busily house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the group hits up a party where Max and Penny are stuck together while trying to hook up with other singles. The best joke might be Alex’s cold causing the guy she has her eye on to believe she’s a Marilyn Monroe drag queen.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” – Hulu


The Paddy’s Pub gang never fails to get itself into the sort of trouble that would make a normal person’s moral compass spin out of control, and this Halloween episode was no different. The entire episode basically revolves around each character trying to remember how their drunken Halloween party exploits led to Dee becoming pregnant

Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Fear, Itself” – Hulu

Via Warner Bros.

With vampires being a central part of the show, every episode had some spookiness to it, but this season two episode went all out. In an effort to forget a bad one-night stand, Buffy and her friends head to a college Halloween party. Things soon turn from fun to straight horror, however, when a demon shows up to prey on people’s worst fears.

Freaks and Geeks “Tricks and Treats” – Netflix


Everybody eventually comes to that point in life when they have to realize that their trick or treating days are behind them. The late 90s dramedy capitalizes on this in the best way with the geeks becoming the target of Halloween prankery as they make a final effort to score some free candy before teenage angst takes its hold. It’s an episode that perfectly captures that awkward transition from kid to teenager.

Of course if you want even more Halloween hilarity, it’s worth binging out on three decades worth of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes.

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