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What to Watch When Your Allergies Are Making You Miserable

“Dan in Real Life” from Walt Disney Pictures.

It isn’t quite fair that just when the weather is finally getting nice outside, some of us are stuck inside feeling miserable because the pollen bomb that nature dropped overnight just doesn’t sit too well with your allergies.

Here’s a list of 9 movies you can kill some time with while you’re waiting for the yellow cloud of doom to pass by your house.

Guardians of the Galaxy – FX/Fox

I’m starting this list with Chris Pratt ladies and gents. If the soundtrack isn’t enough to make you forget all about the sinus pressure that’s making you miserable, then the best Marvel characters ever probably will. There’s something lighthearted about the Guardians of the Galaxy series that stays at the forefront of this movie the entire run time. And instead of making anyone sneeze, in the end a tree saves all of his best friends with a cocoon of love. Oh, Groot.

Forrest Gump – Rent or buy from $2.99 and up.

There’s something poetic about Forrest Gump that makes you forget about all of your troubles. In this film, Tom Hanks shines in his most career-defining role.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Starz/Epix

No one is more carefree than Ferris. At the beginning you’re going to be like Cameron—slightly miserable, feeling sick, and uptight. But by the end of it you’ll be singing Twist and Shout at the top of a parade float. (Okay, maybe not quite, but you get the picture)

21 Jump Street – DirecTV Now/FX/Fox

Slapstick style comedy that you don’t have to think too much about? Check! A movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously? Check! Channing Tatum? Check! (All checks present and accounted for, sir!)

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion – Rent or buy from $2.99 and up.

Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star as a pair of somewhat ditzy best friends who are attending their 10th high school reunion and are determined to impress the classmates that tormented them back in the day. There are also a couple of great supporting roles for Alan Cumming and Janeane Garofalo.

The Intern – DirecTV Now/TBS

Sometimes when you’re not feeling your best, you just want to watch something sweet. That’s exactly what role The Intern fills on this list. Robert De Niro stars as an aging retiree who is re-entering the workforce as an intern for a savvy, but kind of sad, entrepreneur played by Anne Hathaway.

About Time – Cinemax/DirecTV Now

Due to some pretty ridiculous marketing, many folks will be surprised to learn that this is not a romantic comedy. This is a story about a father and a son. And it is the only other movie on this list, besides Forrest Gump, that is sure to make you cry. Hey, I’m just trying to help you clear out your sinuses. You’ll thank me later.

Dan in Real Life – Starz/DirecTV Now

I want to be a part of a family that sings together. Honestly. That’s all I want. The setting here is super cozy and lived-in, and you’ll be sad when the movie is over because it means saying goodbye to this family. One big bonus here? Britt Robertson’s delivery of the line: “Murderer of love!” She really nailed over-dramatic teenager here.

Jurassic World – DirecTV Now

I started this list with Chris Pratt, and I’m ending it with him. Errant dino-DNA, sexual tension, and magical heels, oh my.

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