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The Best New Netflix Series of 2018 So Far

Netflix Brings Us Lost In Space
“Lost in Space” from Netflix.

Never one to back down, Netflix is always going full steam ahead with its original programming. In addition to the multitude of returning shows to the program, this year the platform has premiered a plethora of new original series, with more on the way. The past four months alone have seen some great new shows that you should definitely be watching if you’re not already. Here are the latest below:

Nailed It! March 9

This hilarious cooking show pits novice bakers against one another to re-create elaborate desserts. The results are side-splittingly funny.

On My Block March 16

On My Block follows a group of four friends living in a tough inner-city neighborhood of Los Angeles, as they traverse the confusing and sticky path of high school, friendship, and coming of age.

Kiss Me First April 2

A young girl called Leila becomes obsessed with an engrossing virtual reality game, where she discovers a secret paradise and bonds with other players. The game becomes even more intense when one of those players shows up in Leila’s real life.

Lost in Space April 13

A retelling of the 1965 series, Netflix’s Lost in Space follows the Robinson family after their spaceship veers off course and into an unknown alien territory.

The Rain May 4

When a toxic rain wipes out most of the population, there are only a few humans left to fight for survival. After siblings Simone and Rasmus emerge from a bunker where they took shelter for six years, they manage to join up with another group of young survivors and together they set out in search of their father.

Safe May 10

Michael C. Hall returns to TV in Safe the brand new show from Netflix about a widower, and what happens when his teenage daughter goes missing. Moody and rain-soaked, this series was created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben.

Sacred Games July 6

This thriller, based on the novel by Vikra Chandra, tells the tale of a troubled police inspector called Sartaj Singh. Singh receives a phone call from an anonymous tipster who may have information that will lead him directly to a dangerous crime boss that has evaded police for years.

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