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The 20 Most Bingeworthy Shows Streaming On Amazon Right Now

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Amazon Video knows they have an interface problem. In fact, Amazon Studio President Jennifer Salke recently revealed that the streamer is working on correcting that problem. But in the meantime, finding shows to stream on Amazon Video can be a bit of a struggle. It’s not always apparent what’s included in your subscription, and new additions rarely get front page promotion unless they’re an original Amazon series. That doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of great shows to binge on the site though. It just means you have work a little bit harder to find them. Or, as an alternative, you can check out our list of the 20 most bingeworthy shows on Amazon.

After sifting through the odd reality shows and forgotten sitcoms of yesteryear, you’ll find that Amazon has every season of some of the most prestigious television shows in recent memory. And yes, these are all included in your primary subscription. While there are a few originals on this list, most of the shows are licensed, so they may not be on Amazon forever. That’s just all the more reason to enjoy these modern classics now.

1. Psych

The days of USA’s sunny crime shows are gone, but Psychos, as fans of the show call themselves, can enjoy the glory days anytime they wish on Amazon. All eight seasons of the series about fake psychic detective Shawn and his sidekick Gus solving cases in San Francisco are available on the site. This light and always funny crime series remains the perfect rainy day show.

2. Chuck

Another fan favorite, Chuck follows the adventures of accidental spy Chuck Bartowski, his two handlers — Sarah and Casey — and his family and friends. The show is largely episodic in nature, and involves Chuck saving the world and pining for Sarah, but the pop culture game is strong with this one. Come for the fun energy of the cast, and stay for the rare, but always appreciated Jeffster! performances.

3. The Americans

Do you like your spy drama a bit more… well, dramatic? Then this Cold War-set series about a pair of Russian secret agents posing as the picture perfect suburban family is for you. The Americans just concluded its critically-acclaimed six season run, so now is the perfect time to settle in for a binge.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This Amazon original just made a splash with 14 Emmy nominations. From Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel follows a ’50s housewife as her perfect life falls apart. Instead of falling apart right along with it, she wades into New York City’s stand-up comic scene.

5. Doctor Who

Whether you’re a fan of the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th Doctors, every episode of new Who is on the streamer. Watching the Doctor and his companions journey through time and space makes for a thrilling adventure, and it’s one you can share with the younger members of your family too.

6. Downton Abbey

The upstairs/downstairs drama of the Crawley family is riveting, decadent, and delicious soap opera fun. The British series about an aristocratic family struggling with the rapid changes of the early 20th century proved to be a monster hit for PBS, and it remains such a fan-favorite that a movie is in the works.

7. The Night Manager

Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston star in this tense crime series. A former British soldier is drawn back into the intelligence game as he’s tasked with keeping an eye on an international businessman. Meticulously crafted and well-acted, this short, but fascinating series is perfect for a weekend marathon.

8. Justified

Raylan Givens is a Kentucky-born lawman with a smooth southern drawl, who is constantly flirting with taking things just a little bit too far. Justified is a complex look at a man who was born into a violent world as he struggles to be more than his family ever expected he could be.

9. Orphan Black

It’s never too late to join the Clone Club. Orphan Black ended last year, but the wholly original sci-fi series about a young woman who is drawn into a terrifying conspiracy after witnessing a woman who looks just like her commit suicide remains a must-see. If nothing else, watch it to see Tatiana Maslany’s diverse performances.

10. Damages

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne play ruthless lawyers in Damages, but they’re ruthless in two very different ways. Close’s Patty has a closet overflowing with skeletons, while Byrne’s Ellen is both in awe of her mentor and unnerved by her tactics.

11. Deadwood

The profane poetry of Deadwood is series creator David Milch at his best. Set in the western town, the show is about what it takes to build a community, and as a result it’s one of the most quintessentially American series you’ll ever watch. Catch up now, because there’s a long-awaited movie in the works at HBO.

12. The Good Wife

Julianna Margulies plays the wife of a disgraced politician in The Good Wife. At its best, the series is a enthralling legal drama, made all the better thanks to the scene-stealing work of Christine Baranski.

13. Mozart in the Jungle

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves this Amazon original, even if it’s largely flown under the radar of everyone else. Mozart in the Jungle takes you into the brilliant, quirky mind of a classical musician, and it’s definitely an interesting place to visit.

14. NYPD Blue

If you love prestige TV, then you owe it to yourself to watch NYPD Blue. The taboo-breaking series helped redefine what a hit drama looked like on American television, while also indulging in the grittiness of police work.

15. Bones

The exquisite will they or won’t they partnership of Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth made this light-crime drama a joy to watch, especially in the early seasons. And if romance isn’t your thing, the cases are always fascinating too.

16. The Expanse

Amazon recently swooped in and saved The Expanse after Syfy’s cancellation, and it’s easy to see why. Set 200 years in the future, the space series brings together a rogues’ gallery of characters to search for a missing young woman. What they find is a mystery that spans the universe.

17. Hannibal

Hannibal isn’t for everyone. The blood-drenched horror of Will Graham’s life isn’t easy to watch, but the Bryan Fuller series is exquisite all the same. If you can handle a bit of queasiness, this version of Hannibal Lecter’s story is superb.

18. Mr. Robot

Elliot is a reclusive hacker with his share of secrets. He quickly finds himself torn between a job protecting the security of America’s largest companies, and a group of underworld organizations with a desire to bring all of those companies down.

19. Victoria

Queen Victoria’s life is dramatized in this decadent series. Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman is regal and commanding, but she never loses the very human woman at the heart of her portrayal of the famed monarch.

20. Vikings

Big battles, intense family drama, and a vast landscape for the characters to explore — no, it’s not Game of Thrones, it’s Vikings.

See, Amazon has way more to offer than you thought.

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